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After a week-long nightmare of my listing being “suspended” due to what Airbnb referred to as their “error” (no other reason given) – I’ve been going thru my listing page-by-page to see if I can spot any anomalies that could’ve triggered an auto-suspension. There IS one thing that looks suspicious:

On the Superhost Stat page, there seems to be a glitch which shows my response rate as ZERO unless you roll over it with the cursor – which then reads 90% (see my attached screen capture illustrating this problem). None of the other bar charts (5-star reviews, commitment rate & trips completed) require a roll-over of the cursor to reflect the actual stat: only the Response Rate.

Can any of you tell me if you see a reflection of this irregularity on your own Superhost Stat page?

The cursor roll-over shows you what you need to attain to get superhost status, ie 90% response rate. If you roll over Five-Star Reviews you will see 80% pop up.
But it does seem very strange that you have 0% Response Rate. I think you should question Air about that.

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I agree with @anomaly14. This looks like a bug. Airbnb tech work seems shuddery around the edges, and they tend to ignore issues you raise. Which is never a good sign. Report it to them. I’d use Twitter again, if that seemed to work for you before. I just joined Twitter to send Airbnb a message.

Are you on Instant Book?

@faheem @anomaly14
I reported it to Twitter & they said to give it a couple days to see if the system can catch up with itself after my account was restored yesterday from their “accidental” 13-day suspension. Told me to report it to him again if it didn’t correct itself. This company has very questionable code that’s driving their operations if it’s capable of auto-booting a highly-rated host off the system.

I’m not using Instant Book. The one preliminary security precaution I take before booking anyone is to ask for the first and last names of each guest. Without disclosure of full names, I’m a little uneasy about booking. What’s your take on it?

Yes, code does only what it is told to do. Unless Airbnb is breeding Skynet inside its systems. And people seem to be reporting a rather larger number of gremlins than one would expect for what should be a fairly straightforward accounting operation in computing terms.

I’m personally not using Instant Book (yet), though I have been tempted. I like to have the option to say no. You give away control with that. Though the company claims more bookings. Mostly because they book IBs higher in the search results, I imagine. Jerks.