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Superhost stats reached 6 months ago...and another 2 weeks being added for review? Can anyone tell me why it takes 6.5 months of meeting the requirements for Superhost?

Superhost stats reached 6 months ago and maintained…and another 2 weeks being added now vs. the 3 days stated for further review? Can anyone tell me why it takes 6.5 months of meeting the requirements for Superhost for it to post? Has anyone else been demotivated by this or have thoughts about the SuperHOAX… also it’s been suggested I rent my 12 room house with pool and 3 air conditioners plus 20 fans 4.5 large bathrooms and 13 beds for 70 dollars a night for the entire house and pool in a tourist destination without large homes? What’s up with that?

Yes, host are assessed for SH status every six months. The current six month period ended on October 1st and it takes two weeks for the assessments to take place so indeed that is six and a half months. Why is this demotivating to you?

I don’t understand the other part of your question. surely you don’t mean you are renting your place for $70?

Thank you Jaquo… no I didn’t accept the suggested Price… okay so 6.5 months… two periods plus another 2 weeks after Reading on my Dashboard it takes 3 to 4 days to post… fine… can I ask you how to remove my post?

Isn’t SH status reviewed quarterly?

I don’t know :slight_smile:

But I think that if you click the ‘pencil’ icon above your post, that might give you the option.

Hi Colorado… so I thought… then after the first 3 months… they changed their tune saying congratulations but no cigar… another 3 months… then… on Oct. 1st… under my superhost it said… will take 3 to 4 days to post… now… they’ve changed it again to Oct. 14th… so confusing… but Jaquo who seems to know feels this is perfect… demotivating because at every turn a new hurdle is placed… and I now agree with the other hosts who don’t put stock in it.

thank you tried that… demotivating because the bar is moved every 3 months then for another 2 weeks and the value of my property, service , even the outrageous Caribbean electric bills are being devalued to $70 which wouldn’t pay the laundromat on the corner for the sheets.

Yes, it really isn’t worth worrying about. Some hosts prefer not to be SH because they feel that it raises guest expectations.

thank you Jaquo… I read a few of those… conscientious hosts would prefer to know in advance that there is a 2 and a half month process to become a Superhost which can be errased in much less time while it’s suggested we work for $70 and pay for the privilege to host…not my best day today… thank you for letting me know about Super Host.

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Hadn’t thought of that Jaquo… where I am they are sky high already…looking for a conscierge vs. a rental property…and more of a bed and breakfast situation see needy clingers vs.an independent vacation rental.

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