Superhost requirements more difficult starting in April

Looks like starting in April the superhost requirement is a rating of 4.8.
In practice that means 80% of the ratings must be 5 star, and 20% must be 4 star or higher.
Currently, all that is needed is 80% 5 star ratings.

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Yup, they must have been aware of the super ho inflation that was starting to happen.

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I agree, but I’m not sure this addresses the problem. This just gives too much weight to disgruntled hard to please guests.

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Yes, I agree. Sadly.

It’s a percentage game. Don’t sweat a single bad review for your own mental health. I stopped looking at individual review star ratings now I have 150+ reviews with 4.8 overall and 4.9 for Super Ho.

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Hi Kona, in my guest book I ask them to leave a review and explain that a 4 for Air means “okay” and a 5 means “good or great” not a 5 star resort you stayed at with hot and cold running servants, an infinity pool and room service. 3 means “very average”, 2 means “meh” and 1 means “terrible”.

I’d actually be happier with TA level reviews and get average 4 star reviews so guest would be able to compare it properly. Sorry it wasn’t really 5 star but the infinity pool is a duck pond, the staff are usually drunk and unavailable to turn down your duvet after 6pm on a Friday and the Japanese sushi chef is having “issues”. :japanese_goblin:


But the host has a funny sense of humor!!! :rofl::rofl: five stars for that.


Hi @JamJerrupSunset,

Personally I like ducks, don’t like sushi (raw fish, yuck), and can turn down my own duvet. 5 star hotels are overrated, imo.

Surely this is still within the last calendar year and most hosts will not be affected? Or is it overall and the 3 stars that a guest gave 4 years ago because they mistakenly expected to be sharing the space with you will have that big of an impact??