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Superhost question

This is for you superhosts out there…do you feel that when u got your super host designation that your business was automatically increased and do you feel like it’s a double-edged sword that people expect more because of your super host status?

Honestly, I inadvertently got superhost status since I was giving people half my immaculately cleaned house, free rides, and a low low room rate, free food, and was basically a personal butler and cleaner. Eventually I caught on that I could raise my rates and perform much less stupendously and STILL get bookings. I’m sure Superhost helps book savvy travelers who think ahead and plan in advance and have the leisure to go over their choices, but AirBnB is often the choice of last minute travelers faced with expensive hotel rates. I think very few travelers care. If you are aiming to be a luxury AirBnB with prices comparable to a hotel rate, then I do think being a Superhost will increase your bookings.

Frankly, I think most users don’t know or care about Super Host… Cs is right, most don’t care.

Hey Super Hosts! Where is your Super Host Tracker on your dashboard?? I have LOOKED everywhere on my dashboard and can not seem to find it. Please help :slightly_smiling:

It’s under the ‘stats’ link in your dashboard. Last time I looked, we were on course to being a superhost. It now says that we’ll be informed by April 10th as to whether we made the grade. If we do then I suppose it will be cool-ish - but from the comments above, I doubt it means much :slight_smile:

@jaquo Where on the stats page? I only have earnings, Ratings, and views

You should see ‘earnings’, ‘ratings from guests’, then ‘views’, then it will be under that. On my dashboard anyway!

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Does it always take 10 days to calculate Superhost status? This has been the first time I was eligible. (17/20 of my reviews are five star.)

SO!!! We are not eligible for SH because we have a property in hotly contested Barcelona. Once I ‘snoozed’ my BCN listing I was able to see this magical Super Host tracker/Pending assessment thing, then as soon as I un-snoozed BCN, poof it was gone! I’m curious if I leave BCN snoozed until the 10th will we get SH? There are many hosts in BCN with SH bc they had other props in UK/Germany/etc before adding a BCN property.

FTR I spoke to 5 technical host advisors at the Air BN open in Paris about this exact issue and they all told me I was nuts. They said we hadn’t earned it, blah blah blah. Then I would ask them to pull my SH tracker and they couldn’t, this lead to more confusion and them saying there’s a glitch.

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