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Superhost Oct 1?

Sorry if this was already asked but I couldn’t find a topic on it. Air says the next assessment will be Oct 1 (yesterday), and the day has come and gone and we still don’t have the superhost badge. We did meet all the criteria so I am wondering if there is a delay or something? Do they usually notify you with an email or something?

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Yes they email and it takes a couple of weeks.

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Is it time for this semester’s report cards already? How exciting.


my stats page indicates that the assessment will be done by October 15, no 14th.

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Ok, I see that now in the stats page! I feel a little better now. I thought maybe we screwed something up. haha


Have you behaved this semester Cabin? LoL


Well last semester I was stripped of my badge for not booking enough reservations through Air…even though I meet their 5 star critieria. I think I had the badge for a couple of years - not sure. Never paid attention.

But last semester, a lot of my bookings came through other sites. It will be interesting to see if I am reinstated since I did have 5 bookings through them this summer. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but those 5 bookings totaled 28 days. But I take it they don’t care about length of stay.

Survivor has been great for the first two episodes. Lovin it :smile:

I think you have to have 10 completed bookings per quarter and have at least half of them leave you a review to get SH.

That’s what I thought. They must have changed the rules. There is no way I have had 40 reservations per year through Air - if they are requiring 10 per quarter.

I just checked, it is only 10 reservations per year.

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@LegendsCreek, @KKC, @cabinhost
Strange, I had read a few days ago that my next assessment would be Oct. 1 but I have looked today and now it says Oct 14 – did anyone notice the change?

I think that it means that the review process is now ongoing and will be announced on the 14th?

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I didn’t notice. But it’s always been a couple weeks after the quarter’s end that it goes into effect.

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