Superhost looking to make the switch to service company


As the title suggests I have been active in Marbella, Spain, recently having gained superhost status. Since the end of covid, Marbella has seen a stark increase in foreign investors looking to invest in properties and renting them out short-term (long-term has many risks associated with Spain and its socialist system).

I am considering selling the apartment however and focusing on providing services to other hosts.

Are there any services you are currently using that you cannot do without, or wish for a service that so far nobody is offering? I mean of course beyond creating a STR platform or channel manager, or the regular things like cleaning, guests check-ins, etc.

If anybody is in Marbella, I would be happy to get in touch in any case.

I have a homeshare so my needs are different. If I had a separate listing I suspect that we would be looking for reliable property management including turnovers, minor repairs, responding to emergency issues and possibly handling the booking inquiries.