Superhost Insider email

We discuss the benefits of being a Superhost and debate how difficult it is to get and keep this status. One of the interesting things I just read in an article in the SH Insider was this:

“In fact, fewer than 100 people have maintained consecutive Superhost status since the program was introduced five years ago. That’s some 60 months of zero cancellations and five-star reviews.”

I swear at least a 100 people on this forum claim the same status. By my count I’ve hosted 59 months meeting SH standards. The first time I was awarded the badge was Sept 11, 2014. Wasn’t the program in place before that?

Any fellow SH know?

I’ve seen articles stating it was 2016 and another saying 2009. But everything on the internet is real, haha.

My feeling about that article is that those 12 guests got a silly book and pin and a puff of air blown up their tush. Chesky creeps me out. No thank you.

Me too, which is why I was asking here where someone might actually know. LOL. I tried searching the forum for the earliest mention of superhost but wasn’t having any luck.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use one of my favourite words… bollocks! Of course, someone might prove me wrong but I’m pretty certain that there are at least 100 SHs in my immediate area. And I further imagine that many of those have had consecutive SH status.

I got it not long after you @KKC so not five years yet but as long as we don’t cancel, keep up our reviews and responses at a reasonable level, we’re not far away.

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Mind you, I’m thinking about it more now … I wonder how many hosts actually stay with it for five years? Sorry, thinking out loud.


I’m sure there are 100 in El Paso too. It’s just the idea that only 100 had it continuously since the beginning which has to be in 2014. Airbnb isn’t very transparent about so many things. LOL.

I agree they are trying to make it sound special, all evidence to the contrary.

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I know that one or two people have mentioned that they like the SH ‘hotline’ - the so-called special treatment we get when we call Airbnb. In all the time I’ve been a SH, I’ve used it exactly twice. No big benefit for me :slight_smile:

I have —this is my 5th year. I think it would be nice if the superhost status recognized milestones like: 1 yr, 3 yr, 5. Yr, & each year beyond on the badge. Even if guests wouldn’t understand it, hosts would & it would give me a “feel good”.