Superhost Cancelling Options


I am a Superhost trying to maintain my status and looking for others that have experience cancelling guests.

Here’s my experience. Two days ago I got in a bad cycling accident and broke my nose, got 8 stitches, and had a lot of road rash too. Luckily I was really close to home, unlucky when my partner saw the mess I was in - ended up falling, hitting their head and breaking a rib. In the ER, we sat wondering if we should cancel our guests arriving the next day since there was only a 3 hour window to turnover the suite and we were too injured to do it. Considering the guest had reserved a couple months in advance, was arriving from another continent and was on his honeymoon, it was a difficult decision. Luckily I had trained our son to do a turnover and he was able to come in, despite having to leave his real job to help us for a couple hours.

The question I have is whether Airbnb still would have revoked my Superhost status and would they be able to find a guest alternate accommodation at a moments notice?

Thanks for reading!

What bad luck! I think that Airbnb would see that as extenuating circumstances but I think you did a fantastic job to keep the guests happy.

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Doesn’t say anything about injury. But I’m sure they would include it.

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Thanks Paul - I saw this and thought an accident or injury is not illness. I wonder if other hosts have experience with getting hurt & being allowed to cancel penalty free. I would just have to show my ER record & picture of my face as documented evidence, so that would have been no problem!

Common sense, which of course no one should expect to be indeed common, would dictate they would have consider your situation as ‘extenuating circumstances’. AirBnB is a reasonable entity. It is a moot point now, because you made it happen regardless; good job.


I think the easiest option would be to either phone them or use the live chat and ask.

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You surely earned your ‘super host’ badge on this one. Good job taking care of the guest.

Rest and heal well…

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