Superhost but low in searchranking

Hi guys,

Any suggestions on what I should do to increase my ranking when guests search for a place to stay? Me and my roomie host a lot but lately there has been quite few guests and the people cliking on my airbnblisting has decreased by almost 100 for the past 30 days.

My listing:

  • I am a superhost
  • My listing is listed in the absolute centre
  • I update my calandar every day

Kind regards


I feel your pain! We are in the same situation. Lots of reviews, superhost and still only on page 4/5. We really thought becoming super hosts would give us a boost but it hasn’t! Also update the calendar every day and have been following all the usual advice.
Sorry I don’t have any suggestions!

Hi Julie,

Here are some bits of advice for you:

  1. Keep your calendar updated. If you are updating your calendar regularly, your listing is going to be responsive and active as per the tags of Airbnb’s algorithm.
  2. Use the specific keywords in your amenities description.
  3. Update your prices frequently.
  4. Respond quickly to your guests.

All of these help you to boost in Airbnb SEO ranking.
Here is a link to our blog article on this topic:

Hope it helps.

This might sound naive, but I have been hosting for 11 months, and while my bookings are strong, I noticed a downturn in the number of views. How can I tell which page of the search I am on? Do I log out and search as a traveler?
Thanks in advance.

Some suggestions

  1. Make a Facebook page for your place. Post on Facebook with a short video or good photo. Use the “boost post” feature and invest about 20 euros, get into the Facebook ad manager and target people you think would be interested in staying based on nationality, interests etc.

  2. Look at other sales channels eg and list there too if you feel its appropriate.

  3. Write the Airbnb guidebook and be sure to add as many local attractions as possible, Airbnb seems to like you doing this and possibly gives you a boost.

  4. I got to the top of my listing but I must have spent over 2 weeks full time to get there, there is no short cut it seems, only hard work

Regarding advice #2 : what do you mean with the keywords?

Your page says “Of course, content is absolutely critical for the search engine of Airbnb and you need to make sure it’s properly optimized. Be precise and on-point, using the searchable terms and making sure they are placed properly. Describe your amenities as specific as possible. Then get to the landmarks. Use the appropriate keywords depending on your target guests. For instance, if you plan to attract business guests select the words accordingly.”

but I do not see how that would improve my ranking?

Hi @juliegris,

Thanks for the question. That means any appealing keywords relevant to your type of property (apartment, condo) city, major landmarks, tourist attractions, and local events. For business guests use something like “apartment perfect for business trips” in description. The more targeted search terms that match your listing’s information, the higher up your listing will appear in the results.

Your reviews are great, and the room looks very nice. I would also post pictures of the rest of the place so guests know more about where they’re staying.

I don’t get this. Imagine I’m looking for a place that’s in Montreal next weekend. Let’s say I need it for a special event. How does the search facility know that???

Guest search for the specific location often, using keywords in search engines. Airbnb states: the more travelers which click through from search to your place, the higher you will rank. For instance, guest search for “apartment near the stadium”. So, if you have it in your description you are more likely to get in search results. Consequently, you will appear higher on Airbnb.

But they don’t, that’s my point. But that wasn’t the question. How would the search know that I’m going to a special event?

@jaquo, don’t really understand what you mean. Who doesn’t do what? Guests do search in search engines as well often, this is a common standpoint. And I already explained how you get higher in AIbnb SEO thanks to search engines. Hope it clarifies.

Believe me, there’s no need to tell me anything about search engines.