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Superhost but Banned for life on Airbnb

I’d suggest drawing up a press release. Send it to Airbnb corporate and ask if they’d like to comment before you distribute it. They don’t like this kind of press.


Actually, I would immediately start with telling your story on public media. No warning needed at all. Start with Airbnb’s FB page and Twitter account.

They have already harmed you and your business. This is not the time to issue warnings.

Air does not like negative publicity. Time to use the only weapon you have, short of legal.

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Bad idea. As soon as you publish (other than to Airbnb’s own social media) you have lost any leverage you may have had in respect of the content.

Actually going public is the move of last resort.



He’s already “banned for life” and they won’t take his calls. What would you suggest? :laughing:

I have no additional advice for the OP, and I subscribe to the view that if I can’t offer any further constructive advice (other than what’s been suggested) then I keep my mouth shut.



LOLZ … ah I see so you merely decided that my notion is bad - a proven strategy from other hosts - but you have nothing to offer. Got it!

Jeff, you do have a habit of giving people the wrong gender. :slight_smile:

I’ve yet to understand what exactly the question is here and what the OP is hoping to gain from legal action. (Although she did say that the expense was off-putting). I imagine that Airbnb have got things sewn up pretty tightly and that they can remove anyone from the platform at any time at their discretion.

It’s probably in the TOS that we agree to abide by when we first join that we agree that they are at liberty to do this.

I believe too, from what other unlisted hosts have written here, that they won’t go into their reasons and this too is probably in their TOS.

I would imagine that now she’s had time to think about it the OP would no longer wish to list with Airbnb anyway and would prefer to run her business her way?


Take the time to actually read my post and stop being so defensive when you get called out for posting bad advice. You’ve done it before in your enthusiasm to be helpful, when in reality you’re suggesting a course of action that may be detrimental to the OP’s situation.

Given the fact that again you have failed to even take in the OP’s gender, I do wonder how much of the topic you have really absorbed.



LOL Missing if a host is male or female has nothing to do with the root of the issue. Attempting to make it so undermines your argument. You claim that may advice is “bad”, with no concrete reasoning or alternatives, and offer nothing better. So, that’s being critical with no added value.

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Certainly no offense meant by it. Again, the host’s sex is irrelevant to the situation.

If the OP is put out by my incorrect pronoun - sorry about that.

I know, hence the smiley face. :slight_smile:

Oh … and you apparently missed the very next sentence - about posting to Air’s page. So please do try and read a bit further. :laughing:

Sorry. I did not mean to put you through that long explanation. Sounds like you’ve been through a lot. Glad Air supported you.


The problem is, we had an account with all of our data together (names, last names, double phone numbers) and a mutual bank account on our names.
So I’m not sure how to do that…
I could open a new bank account, but then again, you cannot change the name it’s on, but I don’t know if they check that.
I’ll try with a new name, prepaid phone and new IP-address, maybe that will help… As you say, definitely worth the try! Thanks for the advice!

That’s a wonderful tip! I’ll try this for sure.

@Jefferson: no harm done, “Lien” is not exactly a female name for English speaking countries, although it’s the same as ‘Lynn’ :slight_smile:

I already put up our story on twitter, facebook and instagram. After all, as you already said, we have nothing to loose, even my dignity got lost while getting urinated on :smiley:

Airbnb has made it very clear they are doing nothing at all to help us, we have filed for appeal but in order to do so, you must take a picture of your ID; even more data they have from us now…

I will follow the advice of @Allison_H though, and write to news papers and then before publishing it, asking Airbnb if they wish to comment on it. Maybe that will shake their tree and hopefully they will reconsider.

If not, I can try to make a new profile under a new name, after all, if we ever sell our house, someone else should be able to rent the property on Airbnb with the same address, right?

Let’s hope this will work.
I will keep you posted!

@PuppyLover could you maybe send it to me, I see only filled in papers and there are so many I don’t know which one I can use for my own.
Thanks, it looks like you’ve been through a lot too!! :roll_eyes:

You can’t use my forms, they are only for the State of Maryland in the USA. You want to get your local forms to fill in. The basic complaint form may be online at your courts’ website or you can search online (I use filetype:pdf to find what I’m looking for) for legal cases local to you involving breach of contract and just copy that format.

Then just tell the story, adding exhibits.

Sue both of them, and to do so, provide the facts. You’ll want to do a mashup filling in your own information as a SINGLE lawsuit perhaps templating what I wrote in my TWO separate lawsuits:

  1. vs guest:

2) vs. Airbnb:

Plaintiff listed rooms in her primary residence on AirBNB, the short-term rental platform, beginning in January 2014 (exhibit 1). Plaintiff received highest recognition of “Superhost” annually from 2014-18 (exhibit 2). On or around 8/9/2018, the defendant received a false report of an unsecured weapon from a guest who stayed in the plaintiff’s property 7/27-29, 2018 (exhibit 3). Plaintiff noted she had no weapons whatsoever on her property (exhibit 4, 5). Despite more than 500 excellent reviews from guests, and no possibility of evidence of an unsecured weapon, the defendant removed the plaintiff from the AirBNB platform on 8/14/2018 (exhibit 6). Defendant ignored plaintiff’s attempts to straighten out the matter (exhibit 7). Short-term rentals are the plaintiff’s only source of income. She typically earns $6,600-7,500 in the prime months of Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec. (exhibit 8). Due to delisting, these earnings are lost. She also lost her $100 superhost coupon (exhibit 2). AirBNB terms of service permit taking disputes to small claims court (exhibit 9).



EU consumer rules: Airbnb commits to complying with European Commission and EU consumer authorities’ demands

Airbnb will have to inform consumers when it decides to terminate
a contract or remove content and will offer to consumers the right to
appeal and to compensation if appropriate

Thus before going to court: You have the right to an appeal with Airbnb itself. Which apparently has not been automatically offered to you.

So call the people listed on the bottom of the press release, or the EU consumer division, and lodge a complaint and demand that you get your appeal.

EDIT: I see now that you HAVE filed your appeal with Airbnb, see how that goes, I expect it will be a fast train to nowhere, if it doesn’t succed make an EU complaint that the appeals process is a charade.


A few ideas for relisting:

  • Get a free google phone # - works on your same phone
  • new bank acc is easy enough
  • They may or may not even notice that your “new account” w/ same name, address matches an older blocked account.
  • the new account as host could be a relative, then you setup as co-host …

If it were me I would first post on Air’s FB and Twitter to see if that works to resolve with your current situation.

PS: they are shits for doing this to you!


It’s called a Pro Se Motion and it can be done successfully, With a lot of research.

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