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Superhost badge not worth as much as it used to

I notice more and more hosts have received the superhost badge thus making it less valuable. What are you doing to try to snag bookings? I have close to 50 good photos of the room and the outdoor private garden; also Im just trying to get as many positive reviews as possible;which is why I like 1 night stays;Im pushing to have 100 five star reviews by August…

no, it just means you are supposed to know what you are doing and are not a first time rookie.Lots of superhosts have rather plain accommodations…

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I’m a superhost and it seems to mean nothing at all as far as guests are concerned. To snag more bookings? I promote the listing a lot on social media. For example, last week I promoted a page on our site that talks about our dog-friendliness. Almost immediately we had two bookings from guests who are travelling with their dogs :slight_smile:


Would love to hear more about your social media strategies. I’m on Twitter and Facebook promoting mostly outdoor adventure and attractions where I live, and then occasionally slipping in the Airbnb stuff. What have been your most successful posts (aside from dog-friendliness)?

I promote very regularly on social media. We have a website and I write posts about ‘special packages’. (like the dog thing). The dog-friendliness is winning so far! Luckily I have local social media accounts with loads of followers :slight_smile:

This is the page I promoted: http://jaquo.com/dog-friendly-fort-lauderdale-rental/


I heard people have websites and promote their property there. I should try that.

Great website! I don’t do enough business I don’t think to warrant having a website. But maybe I should learn how to develop one just in case I ever become totally annoyed with abb.

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Wow, great written content!
OmG, I can’t believe they won’t let you even have a dwarf citrus tree at your place. They would be thrilled with my place - every I see a sprout on a potato, I toss it into the yard and, bam, 20 more potatoes magically appear in a few months. And I can’t imagine not having the basics like parsley and herbs on demand.
Not to mention chickens… I love Seattle.

I recently started direct ad on google. Anyone that looks for accommodations in the area will see a sponsored ad for my airbnb property. They are supposed to only charge me for any clicks to my site. Been 4 days so far so have no info if it works or not yet.

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Please keep us posted on how that works for you! Does it go to your Airbnb site or a regular website?

airbnb site for now and not even to just mine alone but any other competitors also but I am first listed. I want it to go to just my own airbnb property alone since I am paying for it. I may have it just start going to my facebook page if possible and from there it has the link to rent it from airbnb directly to my page.

I have gotten 8 unique hits to my site since it started a few days ago and 3,000 views.

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I will be happy to keep abreast of this in order to help any others decide if worth it or not. It is also slow season so I wanted to try it for a few weeks now and then stop and wait till season about to start and then place the ads again. That way I can see the costs difference during periods of both extremes of market for this. My goal is that for anyone that wants a rental in my area at all will see my listing and consider my place.

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