Superhost assessment

Has this now changed? It was quarterly and I’ve been looking forward to the 1st April assessment which would give me a complete year as a super host and entitled to the $100 travel credit - useful as we are going on a European airbnb tour in May.
I’ve just looked at my status page and now it says that the next assessment is 1st July. Too late for me to have the credit for my trip…


Takes 14 days after April 1, so they can wait for all the reviews to be in.

That’s what I thought, but it normally says that the next assessment is the 1st April, now it’s telling me the 1st July. When it’s just past the quarter date I thought that it says that they are currently assessing.

Looks like I jumped the gun - now got the ‘pending assessment’ message so hopefully that’ll I’ve me the complete year :slight_smile:

Ist July will be assessment for the next quarter, April-July. I have my SH result for the last quarter through already; it hasn’t taken 14 days it would seem.

Doesn’t it depend on when your last guest in March was? They wouldn’t need until April 14 for everyone?

An interesting thought. My last guests for March were 31st, last Saturday, and my last quarter result was posted on Tues 3rd April.

So my 10th guest checked out 30 June and has written review. Have got all 5 star reviews by all 10 guests, 100% response rate, zero cancellations. Have only been hosting since 11 May. Will I get my superhost status?

The good news: Yes you should. I’ve seen new hosts nearby, less than 3 months with 10x5 star review who have gotten SH status.
The bad news: it doesn’t make a bee’s dick of difference to your AirBnB experience unless contacting a CS rep you’ll get through faster.

It might not help you host but as a guest I eagerly await my $100 travel voucher that I get this time of year and use on my fall travel. Right now I’m eager to book a place in Oregon for my August trip. One place I had an eye on is gone already so my voucher can’t come soon enough. LOL.

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