Superhost 1 year $100 booking coupon not automatically sent!

Be aware that…

I have been a Superhost for 6 years and know when to expect my $100 coupon to use toward a booking. It’s not much but I do use it every year. I know my 4 quarters ended 12/2022. When I received my Superhost announcement in January 2023, I noticed that I don’t get my coupon.

Below is the correspond I sent and the response from the totally clueless “Customer Service Rep” who didn’t even read my initial inquiry. Also, I never answer their calls unless it’s an emergency because I want everything in writing. Even though I sent the message as an email, then called me 3 times before they finally left me a written message.

This is the first time I had to ask about getting the coupon so if you just made 4 quarters in a row of Superhost or are about to, keep an eye on getting your coupon.

My initial message:

It’s been a full year of making superhost status and based on my calculations, I should be receiving another $100 Airbnb credit bonus. The last one was awarded 1/2022.

Can you please advised me as to what the status of a new bonus?

Message from Airbnb Service󱜄

Thanks for your message—we’ll reply as soon as a member of our team becomes available.

Airbnb Support8:54 PM

Hello Lynn,

This is XXX, one of the support ambassadors from Airbnb. I hope this message finds you well.

We do understand that it is very important to you since this is regarding Coupons. In regard to this, we assure you that you are in the hands of the most qualified individual to assist you.

Please provide the reservation code and more details related to your concern so that I can have a better understanding on it.

I am just sending you this email to open up a channel of communication where you can contact me should you have anything additional aside from your query.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

All the best!
Support Ambassador

### Jan 6, 2023

Lynn3:37 AM

Hi XX, this is a pretty straightforward question.

I made super host the last four quarters. Previously after I made the last four quarters ending in the end of December 1921. I received the $100 coupon bonus in January 2022 that would lead me to believe that I would be entitled to another coupon having made superhost for the following four quarters.

Since this has nothing to do with a specific reservation, but my overall performance, for the last year, there is no reservation code to provide you.

It does concern me that you’re asking for one since not only did I provide you with a clear question, I gave you a sample of my previous message that I have received last year. Please advise as to when to expect my coupon. Thank you.

Airbnb Support6:42 PM

Your coupon code is: FFKIUMWJGURD

This $100.00 coupon expires 2024-01-07 and is good for a single use on a Homes reservation on Airbnb. It can’t be combined with any other offers or used for previous or existing reservations.

Additional information on how to use your coupon can be found here: How do coupons work? - Airbnb Help Center

Airbnb Support7:07 PM

Hi Lynn,

This is XXX, one of the Support Ambassadors from Airbnb. I have tried to call you on the phone listed on your account but did reach a voicemail.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience you have experienced. I’m truly sorry about that, but moving forward, we’re hoping for the best.

My apologies for the delay in my response as I need to consult this to our internal before giving you the best resolution.

They gave me a permission to issue a $100 coupon to you in regard to the delay.

Your coupon code is: FFKIUMWJGURD
Note: Make sure you apply the coupon before you book, and keep in mind that if you cancel a reservation, the coupon can’t be used again.

For more information, you may refer to these link:

Congratulations on being a SuperHost with Airbnb. Thank you for your dedication to providing exceptional hospitality. This badge speaks volumes of who you are not only as a Host but as a person. We appreciate you taking Hosting to a whole new level! Keep up the good work.

I hope I have been able to provide the best and Immediate assistance. If you don’t have any other concern at this moment, We will now keep this case close.

For future reference or immediate assistance, you can always find us at

Should you have further concern, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message or give us a call anytime, we’ll be happy to help.

All the best
Support Ambassador

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I will check mine thanks for flagging

@Lynick4442 I’m not sure if this has anything to do with what happened with your bonus or not but I had a related issue at the end of the previous quarter, the end of Sept, which is when I get my bonus.

I noticed the bonus wasn’t mentioned in the hey-you’re-a-superhost email when I received it, as it has been in the past. It used to say and you’ve earned a bonus or something like that.

So I went to the payments page under my account to check on it and it wasn’t there under the coupons. At the end of other Septembers, it just popped-up under the coupons. I went back to the superhost stats page (this is on the website, I don’t know about the app) and noticed this little note/hot link that I don’t recall seeing before. Maybe it was there and I didn’t notice it but I’ve definitely never had to click on it before.

I didn’t want to click on it because, to me, “redeem” means I’m going to use the coupon and I wasn’t ready to use it. But I didn’t want to deal with CS even more so I clicked on it. After I did that the coupon then showed up where it was supposed to be (unused). Maybe it will work for at least some other hosts, but not sure. It seemed odd to me.

Back before they stripped my Superhost status because I closed to my homeshare bookings for 2 years due to Covid, my $100 voucher never showed up under my coupons, only in the email saying to click on it to redeem them. And I assumed the same as you, that “redeem” would mean you actually were ready to use it. (That is, in fact, what “redeem” means in the real world)

Yes, that’s how it was before. I had forgotten that I used to have to click “redeem” in the email for the coupon to show up. The coupon wasn’t mentioned at all in the last email.

Perhaps “redeem” means “activate” or “accept” in another language somewhere, lol.

I got mine, and printed out both emails. I think the coupon number you need for use is in the second email, titled “Here’s your superhost bonus”

That’s right, it’s in a second email. I didn’t get that email this last time. Just another glitch I suppose.

Airbnb seems to like to use terms which actually mean something else in their own way. I just love the “Opportunities” page that lists all the “opportunities” I’m missing. Things that I have no intention of doing or which simply wouldn’t work for my listing.
My favorite is my missed “opportunity” to add “Heat” to my amenities. In the tropics.
I’ve been tempted to check the box, since no guest here would ever complain about it being a missing amenity. And if ever questioned, say “Yeah, there’s heat. It comes from the sun.”


Never showed up for me this time.

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Okay I checked I was notified about mine on the latest SH status. Watch out they have sneakily reduced the expiry date. You now have 6 not 12 months to spend it :slight_smile:

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Oh, that’s pretty dastardly. For a lot of hosts who are hands-on, don’t offer self-check-in and do their own cleaning, or homeshare, that could mean the difference between them being able to use the voucher or not. As in, they may not be able to get away to do any travelling during their high season.

I’m a homeshare host and never have my calendar open for the full year - i block some weekends and weeks as I like to be able to share my home with family/friends so it’s easy to spoil myself if I want to go away for a night or too.

So think most homeshare could just block out a couple of nights if they want a get away.

Sure, lots of us could do that. In my case, my bookings are quite seasonal- I really only have 6 months of bookings during the year, from November through April. My calendar is mostly open during the summer, but I very rarely get bookings- it’s just too hot and humid here at that time of year. So I could block off a weekend, or a few days somewhere during high season, but I’d prefer not to. Also I am quite busy with my upholstery business during that season. So depending on the start date for the Superhost coupon, it could mean it’s a convenient window for me to plan a getaway where I can use the Superhost coupon, or not.

Fair enough I just look for a new place to explore within an hour or so of where I live - it’s been great fun. I’ve take a picnic in a Bishop’s Palace Garden (Wells), walked to the top of Glastonbury Tor, had a stay by the sea and gone paddle boarding, gone wild swimming in Bath, and had a bluecoat guide give us a tour of the stunning Exeter cathedral.

How have others spent their vouchers?

A stay in Gizain Cairo and a stay in the Plaka in Athens - directly under the Acropolis.
Now planning Morocco…

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Amazing @Debthecat

I’m going to Marrakesh and the Atlas mountains in March. Whereabouts are you planning to stay.

Yes! This SuperHost coupon changes everything!

Now anything – anywhere --is possible!

still researching…planing to be away for 5-6 weeks - ending with a stay at our house in Mirina on Lemnos in Greece
Coming from Australia…we tend to go for awhile to make the plane trip worth it

That sounds wonderful I would recommend the world heritage site that is Fes with it’s amazing bazaar and the hippy seaside town of Essaouira

How lovely to have a house in Greece.

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Was a wedding gift to his mother, last 2 years have been doing work on it …500+ years old, stone, and the path is only fit for a donkey!