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Super Strict 30 day Cancellation Policy -

I would like to change my cancellation policy to “super strict” - but the website says you have to be “invited” to have this policy. Does anyone know how to get an invitation? I have had few cancellations but with so much new product coming on the market guests will always be able to find a cheaper deal. VRBO has more options.

Don’t hold your breath. I have a property in a very remote location in Australia. Holiday houses there get booked up more than a year in advance. I didn’t want guests cancelling with only a couple of weeks notice because then it’s impossible to get anyone else. And there was a trend in our area when Airbnb first arrived of people booking several properties to make sure they had something and then just cancelling the ones they didn’t want with just the minimum booking fee penalty. As properties in our area are fairly cheap, this didn’t amount to much. I spoke to Airbnb and was promised they’d look at it saying it was likely I’d get it. Three months of waiting, several conversations and emails and in the end I was turned down by someone called Nancy who’d taken over my case and just said that I didn’t fit the criteria for Super Strict, but then couldn’t tell me what the criteria were when I asked.
So, as I said, don’t hold your breath. But good luck.

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I would think the criteria for qualifying would foremost be the difficulty of re booking, which is extremely high for listings in unusual destinations; which you certainly quality, and maybe I do also. Maybe ‘Nancy’ has no clue of geography.

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Yes, i think you’re right. Nancy was just really unhelpful and didn’t want the extra work of going back to the ‘powers that be’ and checking again. Far easier to just close the ticket.

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