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SUPER POLL on Check IN / Luggage drop off / Check OUT / Luggage storage /



Hi, sorry for the late reply…I came up with something better!!..the airport in my city has professional, secure luggage storage for a low fee…so I just added that info. to my listings (along with a note on how we cannot accommodate early check-ins/late check-outs) and VOILA! Problem solved. Have not been asked since about luggage. BOOM

Also, have only been asked a few times about early check-in since adding the note. (Before it was a fairly frequent request). Now I just say, “we’ll see what we can do” but we still don’t allow any early check-ins anymore and I’m not going to make any exceptions. This has become a huge red flag: any guest(s) asking for special requests. Especially requests that go against our house rules. These people account for our only reviews of less than five stars…even after we used to (joyfully) accommodated them!! ugh

Makes sense, because it’s a strange attitude to feel entitled to “something more” than what everybody else gets. So nada mas. We provide beautiful accommodations…for less than the price of local motels. That’s my job. The vast majority of our guests are wonderful…and grateful! Am now to the point where I will decline anyone making special requests, as we don’t need their business. Our city and listings are popular now. Who knows in the future if we relax this, but for now, it makes me feel better to not feel put out and stressed for nothing.


I cannot stand special requests anymore…especially early check-ins/late check-outs!! These guests are what we now label “high-maintenance/problem guests.” They are nearly always entitled and ungrateful.

After scrambling to accommodate these early check-in requests (and the back and forth messages that go with them), many of the guests would then say “Oh we stopped and had lunch, so we won’t be checking in early after all.” No apologies, no thanks. Nothing. So rude.

So now we just drew a line in the sand and surprisingly…it’s working out even better than before! Now all of our reviews are five stars and we have less headaches. Go figure!

SUPER POLL- What topics do you guys interested in(cleaning, guidebook, reviews, profits, furnishing, etc.)?

Great poll! Very illuminating. Had to change some of my replies…we now make zero exceptions to early check-in/late check-out or luggage storage.


To all new users: Feel free to participate in this old but still interesting SUPER POLL.

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