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SUPER POLL on Check IN / Luggage drop off / Check OUT / Luggage storage /



I’m sorry, you’ve got me confused :blush:.

You answered:
Check IN from / 15:00 is 3PM / so you answered that one right.
Check IN until / 21:00 is 9PM / is this one right?
Check OUT before / 12:00 is 12PM (noon) / As you indicate that should be 11:00 (= 11AM). If you wish, you can still change your answer and put in the correct answer, by simply choosing the right option.


Well done pool. No one ever asked me to keep their luggages but now I’ll be prepared if this situation occurs.


Already an impressive 67 voters :smiley::+1:

To all tuning in a bit later, keep those votes coming !


Hoping to squeeze out 100 voters, we’re sending this topic to the top again :relaxed:.

I hope artificially inflating the importance of a topic isn’t against forum guidelines :see_no_evil::smile:.


Oh and it could get broken int and their luggage stolen or if you have more than one guest, someone could steal something from another guest and they will blame you :slight_smile: :frowning:


Nah, inflate all you want!!!
Members please vote! Our poll will be statistically insignificant if it does not reach 100 voters!



I pinned the thread for a month


Thanks !
20 20 20 20 20


Good poll. Never thought about this so much but good to have done it. I dont like early/lates. It never ends then and I cannot plan. With back to backs , not even feasible for us. 1000% service when in house.


I’m quite shocked at how flexible everyone is, and how little they charge forth with flexibility. As I see it, there are real costs associated with things like late check-out and luggage drop off. Either your rates have to increase to accommodate, you need to charge the guests for the service, or you’re not getting paid what you’re worth for the service and risks associated with hosting.


Maybe one question I forgot to include is what kind of listing everyone has. For someone who rents a room in their own home and e.a. works from home, it’s not that hard to be flexible. For hosts that live 2 hours from their listing it’s a lot more difficult.


I had to laugh as I was reviewing the results of this fantastic poll. I chose that I NEVER allow packages, and yet I allowed someone to ship presentation materials here so he didn’t have to fuss with them on a long flight.


I host out of my own home, and things like late check-out and baggage storage still just don’t fly for me. That’s requiring me to rearrange my schedule and the schedule of my cleaner if I have one for that room, and it also makes me personally responsible for their belongings. I don’t see why it would even be a question as to whether the guest should be charged for this extra time, effort, and risk. In fact, if I live in the home I’m renting to you, I’d be way less likely to accommodate these requests, as they are more personally inconveniencing. I don’t see the advantage to the host in providing these things so liberally and freely.


It appears that loads of people that participated in the poll disagree with you. Of course you are totally free to set all the limits you like. We are very flexible, when we can, because we don’t want to inconvenience people: We want people to enjoy their travels and not worry about the logistics of it all.

I do see the advantage: More clients, less unhappy clients, less discussion and friction with clients, less getting fucked up by our own rules and enforcing them, …


I depends on the listing. For some listings it’s almost no effort at all to do this.


Yes, I realize that the majority of people in the poll disagree, and that’s what makes me so concerned.

This seems like one more element in a trend of hosts not charging enough for their offerings and being pushed to offer guests more and more free perks.

Based on some other comments in other posts, there are many hosts seeing more competition and lower rates in their areas.

If hosts are in a market where they can’t raise their rates to cover the extra labor associated with these offerings, but other hosts (maybe the new hosts who also go with Airbnb’s Smart Pricing unawares) may feel pressured to provide these extra services at no added cost - then its just, to quote another member of the forum, a race to the bottom for the hosts.

I do see an advantage in providing the services. But I don’t see any advantage in providing them for free, unless the overall cost of the Airbnb also increases accordingly. But it doesn’t appear to be the case that hosts are able to increase their rates accordingly in all cases.


It all depends. For our listing, the cost of the “free perks”, you are talking about, costs me very close to nothing (a few cents, zero extra time or energy). It can however be a reason for people to stay with us, so it will generate more income. It will also lead to more satisfied guests, which should also lead to more income in the end.
I agree, it would be nice to be able to charge more, but a certain percentage of guests won’t appreciate it, so in the end it would cause us loss of income. I personally would hate it as a guest.

One thing I might reconsider once people would actually start asking for it, is storing luggage for more days. All other things I don’t see me charging for it, ever.


I have let people leave their luggage past check out time, but they MUST GIVE ME BACK THE KEY by check out time. Unless, of course, we became best friends during their stay, in which case I add them to the deed.
In fact, this issue might just be the thorniest of all, and probably gave rise to 90% of the unpleasant experiences I’ve had with guesties. When they keep the keys on their check out day past check out time, i.e., ignoring check out time, it makes me SEE RED!
If I see them, I try to remember to speak to them the night b4 check out and sometimes get the keys back then if they are just going to get up and leave. Then I SEE SLEEP.


So I’m curious, how do you handle the late check ins and early check outs and baggage storage for your listing? Because if I could do it at no cost or risk, I totally would.

For example, I live in a major city. My neighborhood is a fairly nice and safe one suburban one, but there are still frequent car break-ins, package thefts, etc in the area. I have fortunately never been affected, but I am wary. I have considered attempting to provide an outdoor luggage storage option, but I can’t think of a way to feel comfortable that it won’t be broken into.

I use virtual check in, so in theory, a guest could drop off their luggage early and put it inside instead of outside. But where would they put it? Their room? That’s dirty and waiting to be turned over by the cleaner (or me, depending on the day)? Even if I had another room available for storage, wouldn’t this basically be like allowing early check in? And once the guest checks in, there are costs involved, like wear and tear, water, electricity… it may seem small, but that adds up. And then I have to reschedule my cleaner or do the turnover myself. And suddenly I feel like I should be paid for the extra trouble… which is why I charge for early check in or late check out. :slight_smile:

How do you do it?

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