Super low season in Europe?

Yep it used to be my fave city for a while. did you go to the church where everything is made of human bones ?

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Most Europeans have holiday until the 6th of January (Epiphany).
This time is was on a friday, so people would stay until the 7th or maybe 8th, after that it goes absolutely dead, until beginning of february.

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We saw so many Americans and Canadians… Koreans and Chinese. Japanese universities are just now getting out for winter break. Prague is always going to have tourists in the main area. Just not as many as we saw on New Years Eve, LOL.

the apartment is here if you want to check it out. it is actually very near Sir Toby’s. :slight_smile:

Yes the weather has been super cold last week with lot of snow. Anyway, the problem seems to be with low season and extremely high competition, Airbnb DOUBLED the amount of listings in last year, everyone is doing it lately and there are also many super cheap hostels and hotels like you wrote…

let’s hope spring will come soon and everything will get better.


That was on our list and we forgot to go!!! You just reminded me!

Jan, that is adorable! I bet you were booked when I was searching 12.28 to Jan 9. ? There was very little available during that time period!

Next time I am staying with you. It looks perfect, as long as you are close to the tram. 6 is it?

Yes! Nice France - the same situation

Hi Zandra, wow, I’m impressed! I’m also in London near Old Street and struggling to get bookings right now. Usually I’m nearly full booked. I only rent out one room in my flat, but I usually get a lot of business travellers and tourists. I’m worried, and don’t want to drop my price too far. What’s the secret of your success?

We’re definitely still in Europe - just the great British public voted to leave the EU.

No no Helsi, the Brits are British. Europe now refers to anything across the channel. :slight_smile:

Off season pricing @eyeborg. I’ve been keeping a close eye on prices and have shifted them down slightly though I always have been at the budget end of listings.

The good thing about being budget is that someone always wants to stay.

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Oh well we must have moved to a new continent when i wasn’t looking :slight_smile:

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lol no amount of you pointing at a map will change the way this country sees itself.

But let’s not get into politics eh!

Well, this is a tricky one! For the sake of my travel website, I tag the UK as being Europe because usually about 70% of viewers are from the States so Europe means ‘anything at the other side of the Atlantic’. And as a Brit living in the US, I think of myself as being European in many ways.

I’m useless at anything political but I have the feeling that when the UK leaves the EU (which it hasn’t yet, as far as I know) geographically it will still be classed as Europe.

Of course, I might be hopelessly wrong…


I’m being facetious. Of course Britain is in Europe :wink:
I suppose I’m mocking some of the ill informed comments I’ve been hearing lately …

But like I said no politics :slight_smile:

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I’ve had friends scold me for saying they were British, because that is the name the conquerors gave you. No, you are English. Quite English.

But we’re still primarily British, right? :slight_smile:

Actually, I see myself as ENGLISH not British. Well, Yorkshire first and foremost - we should have home rule. :wink:

Hahah well if you’re Andy Murray you’re British. And if you’re David Coulthard you’re Scottish. Life isn’t fair is it.

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i personally identify as English then British. Or maybe actually English then European… :smiley:

Any Formula One driver (or former driver) is my hero. Scotland has done pretty well in F1!

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