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Early as a host, I reached out to a booked guest and explained that I was out of state due to the sudden death of my father. I offered to refund their fee and pay for their stay at another airbnb. They said, no worries, just go ahead and cancel our reservation - which I did. My problem is, because I did that, I’m can never be considered for a superhost status for life (a single cancellation of a guest excludes you for consideration anytime in the future).I reached out to airbnb with an explanation and never got a response.

Question: Do you know if there is any process for asking for an exception due to a special circumstance?

Firstly you are only excluded from being a superhost for 12 months
Secondly your cancellation comes under extenuating circumstances
Thirdly you need to ring cs and get the penalty removed, some proof may be required.
Fourthly read Cancellation penalties
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Hello @shawnshallow

So sorry to hear about your father.

Have you looked at the Airbnb Help Centre? It has a section on cancelling due to Extenuating Circumstances.

As a host, it’s really important to read up on how Airbnb works before letting your listing go live.

This would have prevented you from being in this situation.

  1. You could have cancelled due to extenuating circumstances
  2. Airbnb would then have liaise with your guest to refund them and help them find something else (this isn’t down to you).

By the way you don’t lose the chance of superhost status for life, its for a year (again the Airbnb Help Centre tells you how Superhost status works).

However if Airbnb accepts your cancellation under extenuating circumstances this won’t apply to you.

Give them a call now and see if they will review.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your thoughts. It was helpful.

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