Super Host Status Revoked for No Reason

I have been a Super Host for 4 years. I got an email that it has been revoked because I had a 2.73 cancellation. Which is inaccurate. I have cancelled 2 guests in 4 YEARS.
When I called about this and another issue, I realized that I am being connected to inferior representatives now, because of this. I was told that they would look into it???
She went to my account and verified that I did not have cancellations other than from guests. She said it would be sent to the proper department??. I noticed that there was a discriminations about this a few months ago and contacted them. They told me it would be corrected.

Others on this forum have had some luck using specific social media posting spots so you may hear from them. It is a pain but I would just keep calling until you get a better CS rep. The responsiveness varies tremendously.


1, I do not call CS unless it’s an emergency. I do all customer support in writing.
(I even had the phone number in my contacts as Airbnb do not answer). Even if you say only reply in writing they will call first but then follow up. By keeping things written you have a chance to question the replies and show documentation.

  1. I recently had an issue where I got different info in writing from 3 different CS reps. I then escalated but writing a Facebook message to Airbnb. At that point when the supervisor called I ddi take the call and was able to get it resolved.

Good luck.

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I have never had CS call in response to a written message.

Odd, they always try to call me first even when I sent the message.

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I use Twitter @airbnbhelp. I’ve needed assistance 3x in the past 4 months which is odd because I rarely need anything.

Every.single.time. Return tweet. “We are forwarding your request to a specialty team.”

Then they responded differently to each request :

  1. Fixed the problem, no follow up. I saw it was corrected in my app.
  2. Messaged me they were working on it & would contact me when they had an answer.
  3. Called me to ask clarifying questions then followed up with texts in Airbnb inbox.

Perhaps the type of inquiry determines the type of response?

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Wow, I’m really sorry to hear that. What a headache, waste of time- maddening!