Super host status for two listings

Here a question for people who have more than one listing:

Is the super hot listing specific to each listing?

I am super host on the one space I have listed. I am about to open a second space. If this one is perceived less well, can I loose super host status? Or does each listing have a separate super host status?

The status belongs to you. I’ve seen many listings without enough reviews to even have a star average but it says it’s hosted by a superhost. I’ve also seen Superhosts with some listings that showed as 4.5 stars. So although not all their properties are 4.8 or higher they must be 4.8 overall across the listings. For myself though I won’t stay with a 4.5 star host, not even in a 5 star listing. Not everyone is as picky as I am though.


“Space”, to me, indicates hosting in your own home, but I may be wrong. I have two listings in my own home/B&B and these seem to be aggregated for SH status. They were listed at the same time but get varied dinks on the location/value front (and the odd nutter), with 98% 5* overall.