Super Host for multiple listings

Super Host; I have Two Listings for my BnB, two listings because AirBnB doesn’t allow one listing to advertise multiple rooms in a one building entity.

I’m coming up to the basic requirements to apply for, or get given, a Super Host status. However one of the rooms has seven five star ratings and the other two at the moment, which should be three in a week or so.

When the total is ten can I apply for a Super Host Status and how do I do it?

I notice in the “Review” tab it seems to count all the Five Star Reviews together.
Whats the answer?


AirBnB Far North Queensland.

Airbnb reviews for superhost every quarter. So - the “award” is given on Jan 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15 each year (14 days after the last day of the month to get all reviews in). If you meet the criteria, they give it.
It is an accumulation of all of your listings that will be reviewed. So if you have 1 or 100 listings, it is 10 total reviews.

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YOU do not “apply” for Superhost status. Airbnb reviews everyone’s accounts quarterly, and should you meet their critera, you will receive and e-mail notifying you of your new status. There’re more to it than just 10 reviews.

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You are rated as a host so your listings together determine if you get SH status.

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@TuMo is correct. Superhost is based upon a combination of all of your listings.

It is a double edged sword because on one side, I have one unit that I don’t get enough Airbnb rentals on to qualify me as superhost but the other two more than make up for the number. However, if I ever must cancel a guest stay, I lose SH banners & promotion on 3 listings.

As others have said, you don’t have to apply for superhost and it’s an amalgamation of all your listings, not just one. And to echo @KenH it involves more than just having a certain number of stays under your belt. It’s evaluating you as a host and not your listings, largely speaking.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much though - it’s easy to achieve superhost - all it basically means (right now) is that the host meets Airbnb’s standards. That being said there are plenty of busy and successful hosts who offer great hospitality but don’t become superhosts more or less because of technicalities. They have thriving businesses. So superhost isn’t a status to be too concerned about.