Super Host - estimation period

I am on 81% 5 star reviews, and 1st of October is arriving. There’s around 1-2 weeks until you get/not get the super host status. Thing is, that I have guests leaving today, so if they will leave a review AFTER the 1st of October, but before the end of super host process, will it count on the 6-9/16 quarter?
I just want to avoid the risk of getting below 80% so don’t know if leaving them a review after the 1st of October is recommended or I should avoid it.

Anyone knows?

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Superhost status is meaningless. I got it after only 2 months on Airbnb. There are no real benefits to be had, the customer service people treat you just as badly as if you had no superhost designation.

… but that really wasn’t her/his question.

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