Super host being down graded by the location! What!

I have just looked at my super host details evaluation. I have great marks in all categories except the location.

How can I improve the location?
Should I sell the house and move else where, where there is a nicer location?

I find it unfair that the superhost status is build on something the host as no control except moving to a nicer place!


I am struggling with location, too, and had hoped to attain superhost status. I live in a trailer park next to the highway, but I am centrally located and convenient to a major restaurant and shopping complex that is popular and well known in my city. Airbnb gave me a “tip” that I need to better describe my location, but I have been careful to depict accurately my situation and don’t know how better I could improve. My last review the guest was a little sour and wrote “rundown trailer park” but he stayed 4 nights and certainly could have left immediately or the next day, had he wanted.
I would be interested in others’ thoughts on this topic. It seems “location” can be extremely subjective and varies from person to person.

I don’t have much help in this regard but I honestly don’t think having superhost status helps me in anyway. People book me because I have positive reviews and my place is pretty inexpensive due to noise issues. The vast majority of my guests are brand new to the site and have no idea what a superhost is.

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I have yet to meet an AirBnB guest who paid any attention at all to someone being a Superhost. I think it means diddly. if there is demand for a place and your reviews are good (or even if they aren’t and your room is competitively priced) you’ll keep getting bookings.

I also got banged in location. I think guests interpret the term “location” in different ways. Some may take it is “is it close to shopping, restaurants, attractions, etc” or “how far from the city center” …hmm. the latter, I’d really get banged…i live in a remote area, and a car is needed (I made that clear as day in my listing). I also have a couple of photos of my neighborhood in my listing to show what kind of town i live in, so people know what to expect when they arrive.