Super host and increased bookings?

I just got my superhost badge and bookings are obviously increased. I am solid booked one month ahead and it never happened before. And I have inquires every day for September and even October, November. I wonder if Air promotes superhosts or people search for supwehosts specifically.

Congratulations on making superhost; I think you already know the answer to your question, however .

Thanks but no , I don’t know the answer😀That’s why I asked .I never search for “superhost” when I search for listing as a guest.

I was very sure I’ve seen you tell other forum members who post similar questions that superhost doesn’t matter. I thought I’d also seen you post on threads where other superhosts on this forum confirmed it didn’t matter.

No worries, I have imagined it! This question does come up so often it all melds into one and I’ve lost track :slight_smile: !

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Ok Zandra. And what is it you are trying to tell me?
I was looking for other superhosts to answer me .

Hi @Yana

I don’t notice any difference in bookings, but I am glad it’s had such an impact for you.

I have had many guests who tell me that they only stay with Superhosts.

Also, on the Airbnb subreddit the standard advise for guests who dislike the Airbnb listing and/or host is that it is wise to only stay with Superhosts.

May be it’s just coincidence then but I am hosting for 2.5 years and I always was getting last minute bookings and never so much into the future like other hosts. But since 14th I get bookings one after another and non stop inquiries.

O wow I did not know . Thanks

I believe that it has mattered to my listing. My results have been far more 4-6 nights stays vs lots of 2-night. So far, my slow months have been December and February. There are a lot of superhosts (far more than the average) in my immediate area, so why would someone stay in a place with a lower star rating, unless it is just cheap?

I know the wisdom of this forum is that it doesn’t matter, so I am not trying to start a fight.


p.s. And I believe this is why I am able to charge more than last summer.

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I also got the vaunted/dreaded SH – no increase in bookings, but then I looked at my calendar and, contrary to past experience, when I had to adjust the minimum upwards due their ridiculous lowball pricing – Airbnb went berserko raising my rates with their Smart Pricing!!. I was more than the local (nice) discounted hotel rates! I gasped and ratcheted the prices down. Did they do this because of the SH status? Low vacancy rate? Who knows, too may factors going on here. So we’ll see what happens.

Congrats, Yana! I’m glad it’s making a difference for you so quickly.

I got my SH badge last year but I have never had any guest or potential guest mention that it was the reason they selected my listing. The inquiries and requests have picked up a little in the last few months but not significantly.

Hey, come to think of it, that little suitcase/briefcase icon that Air glued onto my listing for being business-qualified, hasn’t done squat toward increasing any bookings from the “suits” so I guess I’m not a poster child for success. :frowning_face:

(If truth be told, I prefer another platform because I’m allowed to handle the reservations, payments and refunds directly…ka-ching!)

Aren’t they changing into a transactional platform soon?? At least that is the scuttlebutt

So far, I’m grandfathered in under the original TOS and if things change that affect my last vestige of control, I will go to Plan B.

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Wow that’s too weird. Usually with smart pricing they give me ridiculously low prices

What platform? You can tell😀

@Yana – The original FK, now TA.

I list with them too but very rarely someone books. I may be us 2 bookings with them this whole time