Super frustrated with app/mobile/desktop: tech help needed please!

Has anyone found a way around the differing options offered when updating your listing through these three different methods? It’s maddening. I didn’t bring my laptop with me this weekend and need to make a change to my listing but what I want to do is just not an available option, though I know it is. Is there a browser I can use or some trick to make the site think I am sitting at a desk? I have not found one yet. Android phone and iPad are all I have to work with.

You should be able to use the web browser on your tablet to edit your listing just like you would on your PC. You can use Safari, or Firefox or Chrome if you have installed them on the tablet.

Yeah, it’s not working. I’m going to try installing good ol’ explorer in a few. Seems Airbnb has no love for explorer so that might work.

I’ve updated mine in the past on the iPad using Edge.

Have you called Airbnb?

Edge worked. But I IMPLORE people to check their listings incognito after making any changes because nothing I did took effect at all and I had to clear out any special settings I had set up, log out, and login and redo them before the changes were made. Took me about five hours today to make a new listing. I haven’t made a new listing or substantial changes to mine in four years and wow was it obvious how anti-host it is. Everything defaulted to one day minimum booking, flexible, no security, no cleaning, and no check in options. A disaster for new hosts. Luckily I know what’s available to choose but for newbies it’s going to be a rude awakening. Or even long standing hosts who aren’t on top of EVERYTHING. PLEASE, PEOPLE, CHECK YOUR LISTINGS WHEN YOU MAKE ANY CHANGES.


If I already have those settings it won’t affect me, right?