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Completely your fault Christakasha. You say the calendar issue was out of your control, but you chose to operate with that combination of booking systems. You messed up because of it. Did you not suspect double bookings could happen, when a certain source of booking does not block the calendar? I think your greed persuaded you to take the risk, without considering the impact on someones holiday.
And your absurd reaction is amazing! Why take it so personally? You can still operate your listing, with Airbnb and all the other platforms you use.


This overly dramatic response is hilarious. It’s unfortunate that not knowing how Airbnb works can prevent you from keeping your Superhost status but as has been pointed out, it’s not the end of the world. Now that you’ve learned your hard lesson you can work on getting SH next quarter. They have raised the standard for keeping it, so familiarize yourself with the new standards.

Also, if your country doesn’t have a phone number you can always email them.


Erm, I don’t know what the number is, but I do know that my son (a host in Cape Town) has had conversations with CS.


Ever tried Skype for international calls? It has much better rates. Does need somewhat good internet though.

I think your only hope on SH status is to give Airbnb a call and explain the situation about trying to do the right thing for the Airbnb guest (while you gave priority to the Booking.com guest) and then beg for them to let that cancellation slide by without penalty as one the 3 you get on IB …perhaps you get a sympathetic CS rep.

On a good note …you also learned a ton about the good and not so good about your competition from your mountain to the airport.

And, another lesson learned: NEVER ever cancel a reservation on Airbnb, especially if you are clinging to something like SH status.


(I’m sure a “thank you” will be coming to all you good folks from the OP real soon…like at any minute now.)

(tick-tick-tick) :roll_eyes:


Well… my dear. You blew it unnecessarily. As a first time courtesy they would have canceled the double booking penalty free had you only called them and begged for mercy. I know… because I happened to me.

Lesson learned. Never ever cancel a guest when there are other options that could have extracted you from that pickle pain free.


So here we have a great lesson for any lurkers who are considering using Airbnb to advertise their rental. The main commandment being get to know the system before you fly off the handle.

Being a superhost is nothing special at all. You still get business anyway. But if that sort of thing interests you then at least read what the superhost requirements are. It says quite clearly on the Airbnb site that to be a superhost you need to have:

> 0 cancellations, with exceptions made for those that fall under our Extenuating Circumstances policy

If you cancel reservations, don’t know how to change a reservation, don’t know how to contact Airbnb, don’t know the superhost requirements, advertise on other platforms while using IB, believe that an independent hosts’ forum is actually run by Airbnb (despite them having their own), have had to work ‘extremely hard’ to gain superhost status, believe that it’s the be all and end all of hosting, disparage other hosts (many being superhosts) and accuse them of being motivated only by money (or rather ‘filthy $$$’) and generally behave in a selfish and ignorant way, then you’re not ‘super’ anything, let alone a ‘super’ host.


Airbnb do clearly state a cancellation without extenuating circumstances will result in suspension of superhost status for a year, regardless of your performance.


now…who can explain to me, the emotional divorce papers in relation to double booking a guest?


Well the OP probably won’t because he/she has disappeared now - tail between legs quite possibly realising that in fact, he/she had screwed up :slight_smile:




Can I “like” this ten times please???


As I hit ‘reply’ on my thank you note to certain members of the group yesterday, a pop-up blocked it (saying daily limit reached, wait 24 hours). So at first opportunity, a huge heartfelt thank you to Chloe, Debthecat, Karma, Malagachica, Cabinhost, AlexSJ, konacoconutz & Jess1 - for your kind and constructive advice!

  1. One can call US 800 numbers via Skype free, at least that used to be the case. I haven’t done so recently. I hesitate to recommend Skype, which is now owned by Microsoft, but there aren’t a lot of choices.

  2. I think it’s also possible to get Airbnb to call you. At one point I came across a callback button and used it, but when I tried to find it again, I couldn’t. Regardless, you could just send Airbnb a message asking them to call you.


Much appreciated, Cabinhost! As we don’t have land-lines in these mountains and our cellphone contract excludes international calls, I can’t verify the US number you kindly privided yet but will certainly do so (next time we head down to civilisation : ) and post the result.


Sorry, to hear you lost your precious badge.
But this is within your control, you chose to use 2 instant book platforms at the same time, while knowing there is a synchronisation delay.

If you want to avoid this, stop using instant book, or get a channelmanager that pushes the availability to AirBnB trough their API.

One of them I know is Hostaway, but there are some other too.

I do not use Hostaway, but we have a spare overbooking room, to handle these issues.


Thanks, Chris! Was unaware of the synchronisation delay until this 1st incident, after which our IT guy diagnosed it. Your helpful advice is much appreciated : )


Much appreciated, Faheem! Due to our remote location and primitive internet link, Skype is sadly not an option. Looking into your 2nd suggestion… Other members have kindly forwarded CS numbers, which we will test via landline on our next weekly trip to civilisation & if any work, I will post it here.
Shukraan jazilaan : )


Can I ask where you are? We go to SA twice a year and love it and in fact are buying a studio to Airbnb in Cape Town. Thanks to your experience I’ll definitely make sure I have the SA CS number within reach!


Sure, we are in the mountains about 370km East of Cape Town (sorry to be vague - due to the flak received, now paranoid of being accused of self-promotion and goodness-knows what else!). Some of our favourite regular guests are ABnB hosts in Cape Town - will be glad to put you in touch… You’re welcome to try my personal e-mail address which is chris@easycoms.co.za - it can be quite erratic so if I don’t respond, consider posting a neutral e-mail address here so I can reach you.

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