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You can pm any member here. Click on the little envelope icon under your profile pic and put the user name you’d like to contact and Voila! You can hide out from any members that scare you :joy: :joy:


Sure, will do so gladly! My experience is calls from South Africa are blocked by almost all overseas toll-free numbers - and if one lets us through, it’s not toll-free. (Our international call charges are about the highest in the world). Exports used to be part of our business but it’s been a while, so I will brush up on this and let you know later this week.


Thanks! Just received a tip on how to ‘pm’ (private message?) sending my number as soon as I can figure it out…


Thanks again, the rep just called me - he said that there is no CS number for South Africa but will be sending me instructions about a “call-me” feature, which I will post here hopefully tomorrow. Your patience and help is deeply appreciated, sorry for my ineptness. Quite a rollercoaster since yesterday but a good steep learning curve : )


Cabinhost kindly got a CS agent to call me - who confirmed that there is no CS number for South Africa BUT that there is a “call-me-back” feature on their phone app. He sent me this link:

Glad to be of help for a change! If you’d like me to put you in touch with our favourite ABnB host in Cape Town, just shout : )


Thank you ever so much!!!
Just received this link from the CS guy:

BUT please wait before pinning it - this was posted in August last year. I can’t find the “CALL US” button it refers to - one of the members on this (airhosts) forum also mentions that he came across a ‘call me’ button a while ago but couldn’t find it again & thinks the feature may have been removed. It’s half past midnight here, struggling to see straight, let me try again fresh in the morning and let you know
(unless you find it first : )


No-one minds when members post their listings. Indeed, there’s a specific thread for that purpose somewhere around here. The promotion that the site owner objects to are advertising services when they are linked to sites which take the viewer off this site. You see, we often have people joining especially to promote their cleaning service or a brilliant idea they’ve had for a new app that will make life wonderful for all Airbnb hosts … the trouble is that they don’t realise that most of us have heard their idea from dozens of other people.

If a company has a genuinely useful service and the member replies helpfully to other topics - not just the ones to promote his/her product - then that’s fine.

We’re not ogres by any means. :slight_smile: But on the other hand, the owners of this site aren’t forking out for hosting, domain name renewal and other expenses to give free promotion to teenage ‘geniuses’ who think think that their idea for a new app is the best thing since sliced bread.


Just been kindly told it’s OK to share listing details - Akasha Mountain Retreat


This one?

I hope that’s it. It’s gorgeous and I’d love to bring a group of friends and stay there.


Hi Dusty

Yes indeed, this is us. Thank you for the compliment. Would love to host you!

Really appreciate the help I received on the forum and from you especially. Much great advice - will be sitting back to read the tons of information and not rush to post anything, seems like everything is there already…

(Designed and built this place, with 3 labourers. It took two and a half years, 6 days a week. It’s my legacy for our children. So I take our reputation seriously - too much so, as has kindly been pointed out : )

Warm regards,

Chris van der Walt

082 090 1741



As far as I know, there is no such feature, at least on the Android Airbnb app. If anyone discovers otherwise, please post. I’ve seen that link you’ve mentioned among others. I found a “call me back” feature a few weeks ago, and I’m fairly sure it was on the web site, but I did not make careful note where I found it, and when I looked for it again I could not find it. I used it once successfully a few weeks ago when I was unable to extend an existing reservation after it had started - apparently Airbnb doesn’t let Indian hosts do that any more. The rep was helpful but said there wasn’t anything she could do, because the system wouldn’t let her do it either.

If anyone comes across any such feature, please do post instructions on how to access it, and has already been suggested, it could be pinned.


good to see things have calmed a little, since the first days postings! :slight_smile:


You just can’t help yourself sometimes can you @Barns ? :slight_smile:


I genuinely meant that, not sure what you mean @Helsi


Seems the CS guy’s link re: ‘Call Us’ button is outdated, Faheem & I can’t find this function on the Android app nor website. I have requested another CS ticket on ‘Call Us’ & South Africa CS number. Will let you know…


Seems it just came up on CS guy’s screen and he assumed it was active. Just received a new message - tried to upload a screenshot, can you see it? Screenshot_20180716-223436|281x500


Uploaded screenshot not visible on my side (just a link’s text) - your side?

CS guy wrote: “You are right, we do not have a South African number you can contact us at, but I
can leave you a UK number +44 203 318 1111 or USA number 1 855 424 7262 in case you can phone us, and ask to be called back. You could even contact us by message, asking to be contacted back by phone call.”
(This last option seems the best for now)

Would like to learn more about some of the icons at the top of this text box I am typing in now & all site features like linking to other posts etc. Someone said it’s pinned but I don’t see it among the pins… Where’s the “how to” relating to this forum software, please? Thanks again!


The link you posted does not seem to be an actual link. Not sure why. Is it you because you are still at Basic, perhaps?

And like I said, the callback thing doesn’t seem to exist. It’s unfortunate, but not surprising, that CS is giving you misleading information.


Ah, log out & back in - got it. Will post screen shots if possible on ‘basic.’ Thank you ever so much!


Yes it is! I learned the hard way. Canceling one time for ANY reason will put you out of superhost status. We had unexpected repairs we had to do and canceled an existing reservation with the guests permission. I offered them a choice of staying in a different room or canceling and they asked me to cancel so they wouldn’t pay the fees. Stupid move on my part but that is what happens.

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