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Super Bowl Hosting in SF


Hi all, My friend from San Francisco magazine asked me to post this because she’s working on a story about home-sharing during the Super Bowl. If you’d be willing to help her out, see below:

For hosts in the San Francisco Bay Area, from a San Francisco magazine writer:

Hi: I’m Lamar Anderson, a reporter for San Francisco magazine. I’m doing a story (or maybe an infographic) for our February issue about Airbnbing during Super Bowl week. If you’d like to answer any of the following questions, please email me at landerson@modernluxury.com.

• If you host a short-term rental in the Bay Area, did you successfully book it for more than you normally could? What’s the nightly rate you’d normally get, and what nightly rate are you getting during the Super Bowl?

• Or did you forget the Super Bowl was coming and see it rented out at your regular rate before you could command a higher price? And are you kicking yourself? (Or kicking Airbnb?)

• If you rented out your primary residence for the Super Bowl, where are you going while your guests are staying at your place?

Thanks for reading,

Lamar Anderson
web editor, San Francisco magazine

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