Suggestions for Finding a Fellow Local Host to Partner With

I’ve was hosting an Airbnb with a friend the past few years until I decided to relocate for my day job. I’m currently in Fort Collins and would like to find an Airbnb host here that would be interested in having an experienced host help them. Please let me know if you are interested.

This is an international forum so not sure if there are hosts on here looking for someone to co-host in Fort Collins @Jason_S You’d probably be better looking to see if there is a local group.

However, if you want to use forums such as this one to promote yourself as a co-host, it’s probably best to become an active member and contribute to life of the forum, rather than making your first post one where you advertise your services :slight_smile:

Jason_5: You might call a few local real estate agents, who know of rental property managers they could recommend.

Good luck!

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That’s a very fair point @Helsi. I just found out about this forum. There’s some great stuff here and I’ll try to contribute where I can be helpful. I wish I would’ve known about it years ago!

I should note that my post was in the spirit of being helpful and creating a win-win. I know when I was hosting, there were times where I would’ve loved to find someone to give me some relief or be able to take a little respite. I’m hoping I can help someone in that manner.

Welcome Jason.

Yes this is an international forum BUT many members are USA based. I’m in North Carolina. So you are seeking to co-host in Fort Collins Colorado? Maybe change the thread banner to be “seeking to co-host in Fort Collins Co”. (Sorry that sounds like a bad personals ad!!!). To increase your chances a Colorado person will see it.

Not too long ago we had a thread of someone in Charlotte NC seeking a cohost to help while they were out of town. Opposite of what you are seeking but they found someone here.

Advice to seek a local forum or property management company for connections are good.

Recently a person popped up on my Nextdoor app looking to co-host.

Welcome Jason. I would follow the advice above, and possibly also hit up the AirBNB community forum

Lastly, you might also check out AirBNB listings in your area and see which ones are in your comfort zone (both geography and style / approach)