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Suggestion for improving the forum


I’ve been a part of the community here for a few months now and have used a lot of ideas other hosts post on here.

If the forum software allows it, i think it would be great to have a stickied beginners thread where common questions are already answered and new hosts can quickly reference it.
Alternative, if there’s a way to filter by the experience level of the host, it could improve conversations so that users of equal experience can work together to give feedback


Hosts are like guests - they rarely read :slight_smile:

There’s a search function but people don’t bother using it and ask the same question over and over :slight_smile:


@tom2, the forum owner would have to adjust any settings, if they can be adjusted. One problem is that new posters don’t read what they are supposed to read as it is…pinned threads at the top. So adding more stuff that doesn’t get read doesn’t seem like much of a solution. New users don’t use the search function either but they could.

New users helping new users doesn’t help new users. A feature I suggest is the scroll button on the mouse. Scroll past any threads you don’t want to answer. I wish the forum had a way to ignore certain posters but it doesn’t. Facebook groups are good for that I suppose.

Looks like Helsi and I were typing the same thoughts at the same time.


@KKC We are so in tune…it’s scary :blush:

@Ben_Hooper I don’t quite understand your point about users of equal experience clubbing together to respond - who decides what level of experience a user has?

You could get someone who posts a lot but spouts rubbish (like me :smile:) or someone who post rarely but has great, up to date knowledge.


I don’t know about rubbish but there are certainly legit difference of opinion between hosts of equal experience. I don’t want to segregate myself from new users in a nice little echo chamber. I like new users who come in (as long as they have some backbone and no chip on their shoulder) and challenge my thinking. And there are some well established hosts whose practices I would not care to follow at all.


The melting pot aspect is one of my favorite parts of the forum. I have learned (and continue to learn) so much from very experienced hosts, and I get revved up by the vibrant enthusiasm of brand new hosts. I really would not want to be “siloed” into any one particular group. We have so much of that on social media today as it is.


Don’t be silly!



I might be one of those who spouts rubbish but I also think this is a forum for hosts and the occasional silly comment might make them, or me, smile. :japanese_goblin:


Helsi makes me smile without fail. I was teasing her!


One of the things I really like about the Airbnb community forums is the transparency. You can see that people are actual hosts, if they are superhosts and how much they participate on those forums. Here we get trolls and salespeople.

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