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Suggested Discounts

Airbnb suggests a 25% discount for a week long stay, and a 50% discount for a month long stay. Do most people offer these discounts? More? Less? We are having difficulty with people who stay for longer periods being very messy. Edited: we are in a heavy summer and winter tourist area

50%? That is crazy… that is for Air’s benefit.

I do not discount at all.


When we’re open, we don’t discount, and our max stay is 14 days.


I have a max stay of 14 days, also. I have never offered any discounts. My listing is already as affordable as I can make it and still be worthwhile for me to host.

Airbnb’s pricing suggestions are to be ignored.


I don’t discount.
Especially since we’re pretty booked up either way, I’d probably lose money by doing long term stays with discounts. And if a month costs the same as two weeks as AirBnB suggests, why would I shoulder all the extra maintenance, utilities, cleaning etc with offering longer bookings?


Airbnb suggestions of ridiculous low pricing is so that you get booked and they get their cut!
It isn’t about you or what you supply as a listing, it is all about their income.
Every unbooked night is a loss to them, nothing to do with how you manage your listing.
I really resent it when they try and force my price down, especially when they are comparing apples and oranges!

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Then there is certainly no reason to give them a discount.

Personally, I would charge 50% more for a month long stay on Airbnb :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: because that’s a tenant in most places, they are in there for a long time and yet you don’t have a security deposit in your hand. And you’re making less money.


I do 10% weekly and 20% monthly. I do like longer stays and when I get the inevitable question about discounting a longer stay, I can say the discount is built in.

I definitely save money/effort on longer stays because I would otherwise have vacant days and more cleaning.

I have had nothing but good experiences with stays varying from 2 weeks to 3 months.

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I do give discounts for longer stays (28 days) but only off season. The discount is 25%.

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I change pricing for seasons, but I never discount, and my max stay is 7 days unless they’re a previous guest that I know that I could tolerate for longer.

I’m going to change linens and clean once a week anyway, and I prefer variety.


I’m like @NordlingHouse – change prices with season and NEVER give a discount for anything. In five years we’ve only twice had guests stay for more than 10 days. I would never accept a booking for more than 2 weeks unless they were returning guests.

You can bet Marriott doesn’t discount for anything less than a 20 room minimum wedding party!


My max is 7 days, and think now I offer 10% but don’t get a lot of requests for that length of time.
In AZ (winter hotspot) with lots of weekly bookings I also gave 10% discount.

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I do 20% for over a week and 30% for over a month. The longer stay doesn’t require occupancy tax so that is a savings as well. I have had good and bad guests both with STR and LTR. I like the longer stays for the reduced laundry and less food waste because I learn about their preferences for our provided light breakfast. We also have which is limited to a week at most.

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[quote=“KenH, post:11, topic:49316”]
You can bet Marriott doesn’t discount f

You do you. Marriott can do Marriott


Mine is market driven. Over abundance of off season STR availability drives the discounts.

My weekly discount is only 5%.

My monthly discount is 50%. I check my market by doing a search for similar rentals for 1/1-2/1 & map view. Vacation areas have incredible variation in amenities beyond 2br vs 1br so anything recommended by Airbnb isn’t valid.

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@happycamper What is your ideal length of stay? How long would you like most guests to stay, taking into account money and time? 5 days? A week? 2 Weeks? A month?

No discounts for any time period and at any time of year.


Insist on going into the rental once a week to change the linens (sheets, towels etc) and ‘refresh’. This way you keep the place clean and you can point out any behaviour that you don’t want to see - such as leaving food out that will attract insects and so on.

So happy that I can add humour to your day.

Every time I hear someone say that they won’t take bookings of over 7 days, it is clear to me that their operation is completely different from mine. I am closer to a furnished rental apartment, and my relationship is more like a landlord. I don’t have a lot of interaction with my guests, as they are pretty much independent from me.

I have no problem with someone running their business differently and if someone doesn’t want to offer a discount for longer stays, they are free to make that choice. As I said, you do you.

@mica555 I think you might have missed that @KKC was agreeing with you…

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