Suddenly Airbnb changed my prices automatically and I don't have SM

I don’t have Smart Pricing and all of the sudden the system drop my prices bout 40% and double the percent of discount for weekly and monthly stays. All of you, better check your prices to see if they are right. Be warned!

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Gosh are you sure?!!! That’s outrageous!

Mine checks out okay… and I do have Smart Pricing…

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Are you sure you didn’t accidentally click on the “change price tips” button. All it takes is one click.

I did that once and had to go back & manually change my prices for that entire month. Royal pain.

I’m completely sure I haven’t touch anything. I know what you are referring to but that this is not the case. In fact, I have 2 listings and both listings suddenly changed its price.

What was changed was the base price, the weekly and monthly discounts. I was having 10% and 15% for the week and month discounts and suddenly I was seeing 25% and 35% in both fields.

Exactly the same here…

Probably a glitch in the system.
Glad you noticed it before people booked at the low rate!

Has anyone had anymore info / contact with Airbnb on this? My wife and I are having this issue on a regular basis. Mother system keeps reducing our pricing significantly.

I’m wondering if you have contacted Airbnb about it? I’ve just checked my calendar again (Smart Pricing) and everything is fine.

If there were problems, I’d call Airbnb.

Are you by chance using the phone app to work on your calendar or manage any other settings and descriptions? I’ve had some screw-ups happen but I blame myself and the phone app that can be awkward and slow to react.

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Same I’ve had a few issues on the phone (admittedly none in about 6 months) and accepted it was my fault for not double checking the changes had stuck. I’ve never had an issue with smart pricing and have been using it since the beginning.

Don’t you find yourself getting stuck hosting for super low rates? I look at my price suggestions and sometimes they are laughably low, which is why I don’t use them. But do you have IB on???

I don’t understand why people keep saying they’re getting stuck with low rates. What is it you’re all doing that I’m not ?

I set it at slightly above the minimum that I’m willing to host for… it never goes lower than that and sometimes goes higher. My smart pricing rate is also higher than my base rate so the only way guests are going to book at a lower rate is if I turn smart pricing OFF.

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When I check my calendar, just for fun I highlight the month and then click “see price suggestions”. I assume those will be the ones that will apply when I turn on smart pricing. However, as you mentioned, you can set the lowest price you’ll take, which is what you do and it seems to work, huh?

ps…I have heard people say their “lowest rate” is overridden by Air. You’ve not had that problem I guess. I might try it and see.

No ive never had that problem. It’s never gone lower than the minimum I typed in.

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I’m the same. I’ve used Smart Pricing for ages and prices have never been below the minimum I set and the highest prices have been ones that I’d never dare to charge - and they’ve been booked.

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I never use smart pricing. Airbnb didn’t add extra 10 eur per night for extra person. I contacted them, they accepted the mistake but ask me to wait, it’s 5 days now.
Another booking was made with lower price I adjusted, I wait for their answer now.
Does anybody know how to check nightly price after booking?
It seems I need to keep a record and check every single booking.

I suggest to everybody, check and calculate booked price at each booking.

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same here, ive had some inquiries that were a couple bucks blow my set price and did not add my extra person fee, its an interweb mystery, I amy turn smart pricing on and add a few bucks, if it will work, thanks for all the help!