Successful withholding of deposit for smoking?

I state in my house rules that the guest loses the entire deposit ($150) if they smoke in the apartment. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to make this stick. In the most recent case the guest said she smoked outside, but the smoke must have blown into the apartment.

Has anyone successfully charged a guest for smoking when the guest denied it?

No, noone has smoked inside. However I am thinking of introducing a rule about not smoking right outside the house, because of the smell and butts left on the pavement etc… I find that smokers period make the house smell, because it’s all in their clothes and hair etc…

I find it difficult to believe any Guest would pay it.

NO SMOKING ON THE PROPERTY! Guests will be fined. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave.

Are you there on the property? I am a remote host, but I have two co-hosts who are local. Typically what happens is that the cleaning crew arrives and reports that someone has been smoking in the apartment. The owner of the cleaning company (a co-host) comes over to inspect the situation, and she alerts me. I call Airbnb and say I want to charge the guest, and they say there is no proof.

It seems to me that other than a negative review, there are no repercussions to violating the “no smoking” rule.

I called it a deep cleaning fee but I’ve never tested it. I did once charge the deep cleaning fee for a guest who snuck in a dog. (Seriously, - she actually said lesson learned). I have a rule that smoking is only allowed in one area outside on my property. I also state that they can only dispose of ashes and butts in the outside trash and have added no vaping or e-cigarettes.