Submitting claim on short term rental insurance

Hoping I can get feedback from hosts who have submitted a claim to their personal STR insurance company for property damage under $5,000 done by a guest. If you claimed damages for example to floors, walls and furniture/fixtures and paid your deductible - did your STR insurance company then raise your rates or drop you as a client? I know with our home insurance we never make claims unless it is tens of thousands of dollars as it will impact our premiums. What has been your experience with claims on STR insurance (not Airbnb host guarantee)?

No personal experience (so no real help) but I would expect it to be the same, insurance is for the big stuff.



No they didn’t do either. It’s a good few years since we claimed so things might have changed but I don’t see why they should.

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That’s great to know. So when you say a good few years are you talking 5 years or 25 years and who is your insurance company in Florida? Thanks for the quick response.

We go through Lloyds of London. (Well, I would, wouldn’t I :rofl: )

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My gut is telling me that it will go up but “Jaquo” is stating they didn’t see an increase and were not dropped so maybe STR insurance is handled differently.

That’s who we are with as well! How long ago was the claim you made was it about 5 years or 25 years? I know I can’t ask the insurance company because even if you don’t claim they leave it on your record. They did that on our home insurance when we asked about submitting for sewer backup - almost doubled our insurance from the previous year. Our home insurance is a different company.

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I’m estimating here but I think it was about six or seven years ago. The payments have increased since that time but I’ve no reason to think that it was related to the claim in any way - just common-or-garden inflation.

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A little off topic but it’s been known to happen before in this forum. Insurance and who provides it has been a hot topic before. We just got STR insurance from Travelers. We were all ready to go with Proper but our insurance guy said to let him bid as there were some new options. We got a great deal — even less expensive than the insurance we had when it wasn’t for an STR!

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