Strategies to deliver more value to your guests

I wanted to get some discussion going around how hosts deliver value to their guests beyond just offering their place to stay.

For instance, I am located in Hayes Valley and I provide all my guests with the Hayes Valley Pass offered by Membo. Membo offers Passes to many neighborhoods including Mission, Soma, Berkeley, Marin, etc and it delivers locals-only deals to neighborhood businesses, as well as allows my guests to ask neighborhood locals questions.

With the Passes my guests can get access to local knowledge and offers which they seem to enjoy.

What strategies for delivering ‘above and beyond’ value do you offer?

I provide travel cards with enough credit to get them through the first day. Travel cards in Melbourne cost $7 without credit so it’s an annoying expense to those only passing through. It’s been appreciated by most guests.

I have also started offering to organise bread, milk, eggs etc if they need it. I don’t want to waste food so I stopped providing those things normally as most people eat out anyway.

I work in restaurants and have compliled an extensive list of great restaurants and bars in town.

I offer to pick guests up at the metro station when I can. It saves them trying to navigate the bus and neighborhood when they are unfamiliar with the area. I also provide a substantial breakfast to get them goi,g on a day of sightseeing. This helps to balance out my super weird bathroom situation.

I provide a grocery discount card so that out of town guests who don’t have the same grocery chain available, don’t have to fill out a card at the customer service desk. I have only had one person comment on it but I am sure many appreciate it.

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That’s a great idea! I my case, all I need do is provide them my phone number and we both benefit! They get to use my Safeway discount and I earn points. :smiley:

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Since I live in an area that is a tourist destination, there are plenty of places to pick up cards/coupons that offer a discount at local venues. The riding stable, rafting company, adventure course, scenic railroad. My guests are always thrilled even when it’s just $3 off coupon, it doesn’t cost me anything, I just pick up the discount card/coupons at my local Chamber of Commerce building.