Strangest booking

The guest booked my place for 3 nights on May 20 and check in on May 21, but never showed and I called many times and left message, no response. I contacted airbnb, they also couldn’t get a hold of this guest. How strange is this? Has anyone here had same thing happened?

A few times. One just ran late. One was bereaved, and one was deported.


One time —-3rd party booking and I didn’t realize it when I accepted.

The actual guests thought Airbnb only rented bedrooms in occupied homes and refused to stay. It was a whole home rental for 3 nights.

Moderate cancellation policy. Too late for full refund so the grandkids paid for it anyway.

Grandkids were embarrassed and wouldn’t answer my calls or texts. I asked Airbnb to contact them as 1 Safety check & 2 are they checking in.

I kept the money and the condo stayed ready for the next guests.


Understand there’s reason. This guest never contact me and either me nor Airbnb can get a hold of him. No response, just like vanished. I can’t understand it.

It does sound strange but whatever happened, as long as you get your money, right?

In my 250 + bookings I’ve never had this happen. A few cancellations but never a no-show.

It could be that something happened that the guest would attend to prior to getting in touch with you and Air - such as family death or something like that?

Or your guest could be hospitalized, jailed or dead and not able to contact you?

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My thoughts exactly :slight_smile:

In years it’s never happened to me. But free money? I’d sit back and enjoy it.


I’ve had it happen a few times. My hypothesis is the husband was kicked out but grovelled his way back in the cot. The other was an alien abduction.


A few years I had a no-show. I had communicated with the guest regarding arrival time and shuttle pick-up the same morning. Guest never arrived. (Driver had checked, he wasn’t on the plane)

A few weeks later I got a message from a relative via the app letting me know that the guest, an elderly fellow suddenly fell ill on the first leg of the journey and died in the hospital the same day.

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What’s also strange about is that I looked at his review, he has 5 reviews, 2 of them were no show. One in Jan. 2018, exactly same, no show no call, no any contact with the host. And one was in August, 2017. So with my booking, he will have 6 reviews with 50% of no show no call.

People are strange, including my bother! My brother once booked flights to New Jersey from Florida in the winter. The night before the flight, they realized they had no winter clothing so they were no shows. They were a family of 5.

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I’m a student and have a part-time job at an alarm center where I help people who are in need of medical assistance abroad usually on their holiday.
Normally the cases are such as stomach-ache, relatively light infections, fractures from skiing or the occasional heart-attack or stroke and long inpatient treatment and repatriation in a ambulance plane etc.

Now we also have a lot of psychiatric cases where very mentally ill people will spontaneously book a flight and hotel at some far away destination.
Often these cases are really tricky to handle but when speaking to relatives back in their home country its always the same story.
The person is mentally ill or unstable but very impulsive and will book a trip to somewhere even though they’re too sick to be going anywhere.
This could perhaps explain the many no-shows and lack of communication from this person exhibiting this behavior?

Just made me think of these cases that did eventually happen but I think many more could have happened but were stopped by relatives or professionals who catches them in the act.

I remember this on “patient” we had who kept traveling to Thailand from Sweden. She would end up in a hotel room after some days, being psychotic and paranoid and would believe the hotel staff were there to kill her. Try communicating with a paranoid schizophrenic over the phone not in your native tongue.

The second “round” of her spontanious visit to Thailand was eventually declined to be handled by her insurance company and the family had to repatriate her themselves.
We haven’t heard from her since, so she might have booked other tickets that might have been intercepted by her relatives.The level of stress handling a psychotic person could make them forget or chose not to contact the hotel that was booked, idk.

People are strange but who knows. Maybe he has a problem remembering dates. He might have lost his calendar for the third time? Maybe he’s just so rich he doesnt care if he loses some money here and there?


Thanks so much for all your inputs. I will keep you updated if I have any info regarding this guests.

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ha ha ha !
He is having a affair, booking a place. but staying elsewhere.
Ching ! Ching!

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So…this just happened to me. No show, sent a message and no contact. No replies to any of the 4 automated messages. Do you do a review? (I’m thinking “no”)

When a guest isn’t answering messages, you should try texting or phoning them- they may not have their notifications turned on.

The problem with leaving a review is that we can’t leave a review without also rating them. The Communication rating would be easy- 1 star. But cleanliness or house rules is moot and I wouldn’t give the guest the benefit of the doubt and give them 5 stars, because they may be terrible guests and it would lead other hosts astray.

I’ve never had a no-show, but if I did, I would let Airbnb know they never arrived nor answered messages, just in case they submit a1 star review because they are p’ed -off at not getting a refund. If it was a no show that did respond to messages, I’d send them a message saying “Hi XX, since you couldn’t make it but didn’t cancel, we will both get notifications to leave a review. As I have no basis on which to review you, I plan to ignore the review prompts and assume you will, as well”.

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Thanks! That makes sense to me.

Makes for easy cleanup.