Strange night request for a room for a week

The other day around 8 pm I received a request for a room for a week starting the same night. I responded 25 minutes later to get more information (purpose of visit, has ever ever used AirBnB) from the guest. He said that this was his 1st time and that this was his last week of work before he moved back to Texas. Then I followed up with a question of why he waited until the last minute to secure a place to stay. I hadn’t yet cleaned the sheets from the previous guest and the common area was to be shared with a woman in a 2nd bedroom so I just needed more info to get comfortable. Then I clicked on his name and he had one positive review which threw me because he said this would be his first time with AirBnB. So I asked where he worked and he responded that he already secured a room and thanked me anyways. That was strange! I just didn’t feel comfortable with the last minute thing and fibbing about his first stay.


I’d feel the same…

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I cant explain why he lied about him being a first time user, that makes no sense as he knew the review of him is on his profile.
I had many times guests who booked hours before they arrived for a week stays and were very good guests. I my self booked the last minute week long stays with Air many times as this is how i travel, i sometimes dont have particular plans and make last minute desicions. People have so many different curcumstances. But honestly i would not like if my future host started to dig into mine.

I’ve had no problem with last minute bookings at all, in fact I kind of like that they tend to be in and out and not needy. But this guy was for a week so I don’t know. Also, lying is a turn off. Speaking of turn offs, I agree with Yana that I don’t really want hosts interrogating me about why I timed my requests in a certain way. I know you’re opening your home up, etc but yeah, if I didn’t offer the info, don’t ask. Unless I just can’t I always make up the room first thing after a guest checks out so I am ready for the next unexpected guest.

This is just weird. And, when something feels weird, just decline.