Strange guest response in inquiry. Scammer?

I had a guest inquire and after I told them their dates were available this was their strange response: (seems like a scammer of some sort) Want to know what y’all make of this. I responded with several questions.
Thanks for get back to me, i am glad the dates are available and will love to reserver it. Right now, i am out of the States for a work which is going to take some time before i will be back home, that is why will like to complete the reservation before get back home. I will instruct my Assistant to issue and send you a Check for the full payment through regular mail without any delay.
kindly confirm the reservation for us with follow details below.
Name: Jeannie Richard
Address: 8205 Camano Loop NE
Lacey, WA 98516
I want you to provide me with the following details needed to send the Check to you as below:
Full Name
Postal Address
Zip code
Cell phone
Best Regard.
Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2018 at 4:19 PM

Decline and report. …


Ty. How do I go about reporting. And actually this was on VRBO. Sorry, I don’t know how for either Air Bnb or VRBO

I only know about Air. There should be a flag button on the inquiry, or just give a call. Decline for sure!

Ok. I’ll look. TY so much!

Got the same inquiry on Vrbo. Happens all the time.

Common scam.

Don’t use VRBO so don’t know their process but why not just call them.

Tip, if the inquiry on vrbo is from a new user and they give no indication in the inquiry that is specific to your rental just ignore it. Usually asks if available, (even though can tell from website),

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Thank u all for the input. I appreciate it! Sounds like they will probably go away and if not I can call VRBO.

Actually, you do not call VRBO. Check the HA “help” portal and it will tell you how to recognize a scam/spam, how to report it (through your dashboard), etc.

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Quick question, i’m not aware, is there a way to decline inquiries on VRBO? or do you just let them go away, i couldn’t find any decline button.

I don’t see a “decline” button either. I guess just not pre-approving them to book is a decline?

On Air only an actual booking request may be declined or accepted. Since VRBO is trying to be everything Air is these days, they probably have similar.

@Rondena -
This is definitely spam. To mark an item spam on VRBO:

  1. Go to your inbox list.
  2. Check the box to the left of the inquiry you want to mark as spam
  3. Then select “Mark as spam” from the “Actions” drop-down list (at the top of the Inbox, on the left-hand side)

They didn’t send a Reservation Request, just an inquiry, so “Decline” is not an option for you. If you don’t mark as spam or respond (“No way!” is enough) your metrics will be hurt and you will be pushed down the list for being non-responsive.

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This is a definite scam. I have gotten these as a professional photographer before, too. What they want to do is send you a check. It winds up being for more than the amount they owe you. They ask you to refund the difference. Then their check bounces and you are out the money.

I get one of these a month. This is a scam!!! I have reported it many times but to no avail since they keep on getting through. I only get them from HomeAway VRBO though!

Thank you Mike, I was wondering what exactly they could pull. I got it reported to VRBO as spam.

Thank you all for the assistance! I did find the option to report it as spam and that removed it from my inbox

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Who pays by check for accommodation? It is possible they are genuine but why take the risk and miss out on other bookings. I’d say “Thanks for your enquiry. When the check has arrived and been cashed then I will accept the booking and block it out for other guests. If that is not acceptable I apologize and please make other arrangements”.

@JamJerrupSunset -
Believe it or not, there are people that still pay by check. Our [VRBO] guest two weeks ago paid for a $5000US rental by check. But he booked 6 months ahead of time and paid in full 45 days before arrival.

However, this particular inquiry was a well-known scam:

They tell you their associate of some sort will send a check
Their associate sends a check for too much money
They ask that you send them the difference
After you send them the difference, their check bounces and they’ve disappeared. You are out the amount you refunded from the “overpay”