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Strange floor in current Airbnb

See photo. It’s like the host decided to tile the floor with pennies and then changed her mind. I’m not sure the purpose of the duct tape.

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I think it is a project that will get reversed and become a backsplash. The tape will be hidden behind.


But there already is a penny backsplash! The sad thing is that there are a few missing coins. I guess some guest just couldn’t control themself!

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I’ve seen photos of penny backsplashes and floors, this photo you took however shows exactly like every project I’ve ever attempted from Pinterest lol, always an epic fail :slight_smile:


When I saw that floor the first thing I thought was, “tweaker”. But I can see how it might just be a pinterest fail that doesn’t involve meth.


Good one!!! :smile:

I bet that will cost a pretty penny! (someone had to say it)

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