STR policies in Southern California

Hi all, so I just got my policy renewal for home insurance on my property that I Airbnb. It doubled! Agent claims it’s due to fires and while I can see that those had a significant impact on policies for us in wildfire country, I still feel compelled to shop a little before signing on for this renewal.

Wondering if anyone else in my area has experienced the same and had any suggestions. Policies in this area are EXTREMELY difficult to find because of the fire danger. I’m currently with Farmer’s out of a local agent’s office.

Thanks in advance!

It might be helpful to be a bit more specific about your location and how much you are paying. We had our SoCal home insurance with The Hartford with a local Carlsbad agent and paid 1200.00 in 2016 before we moved.

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Thanks, property is in Big Bear Lake and not a primary residence. I’m hoping to find an annual premium under $1300/annually. Home is 780 sq ft.

Unfortunately you’ll always pay more in insurance on secondary residences even weekend or vacation homes.

Totally and COMPLETELY off topic, but I do find it interesting that ‘airbnb’ has now become a verb!