STR Insurance VT, USA

Hi All- Can anyone in VT share who they use for STR insurance? From what I’m reading here it sounds like counting on Air’s policy is pointless. Has anyone used Proper Insurance? And more important, have you had a claim and how did go? My local insurance agent got me a couple of quotes, and they don’t make a lot of sense. I own a detached unit, this isn’t part of my house. Thanks!

This is an international forum . In your situation if you can’t find STR insurance specialists online I’d contact an insurance broker and ask for a quote

Our STR is in NV and we have Proper Insurance…it costs a lot more, but I was not comfortable with my regular house insurance in the event of lost income etc. I have not had to make a claim yet, so I cannot help you out there. Best of luck!

STR insurance has been a confusing nightmare for me in heavily regulated Massachusetts. I do suggest that you consider other agents if you feel you are not getting the answers that you need, choices, etc. I regret that I did not.

Christine- it sounds like you’re locked into something. Can’t you change policies? Why the regret?

I have made changes now, but didn’t realize how inept my agent was until I tried to get some clarification for my taxes several months later. They had a different agent for each component of my many coverages and they didn’t always communicate within the agency well.