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STR Insurance Company for Southern CA?



What insurance company are you using in S. California?

I’m aware that regular homeowners insurance won’t cover STRs, or rather, would drop us if they found out we were hosting. I had a company in mind, after doing a bit of research, called Proper Insurance. However, I just reached out to them to finalize the quote and start coverage (we start hosting at the end of Feb) and their underwriter will no longer cover us! We are in a high fire zone in Southern CA and they said the risk is too high, so they’ll no longer cover us because of that.

I have an insurance agent looking into it as well, but I haven’t yet heard anything back. I’ve heard of getting more of a commercial liability insurance policy, which is offered via our current homeowners, but haven’t yet inquired if they cover this.

I feel like I’m stuck!

Thanks in advance!


Personally I wouldn’t have my listing go live until I had appropriate insurance.

I can’t help you as I am not in California or even in the US.

You may be better posting in a local host group for your areas as they are more likely to have local knowledge.


My policy is with Allied American Underwriters/Lloyds of London. It is a comprehensive Commercial Rental policy and includes property damage and liability. It is for $1 million. Allied is a California-based company and I got the policy through Shaun Murphy, a Farmer’s Agent in Chicago.
I had several other absurd quotes. My regular homeowners insurance was running out at the same time I started this one. This policy was $800 more than the regular policy I had before this and hundreds of dollars cheaper than some of my previous policies just for property insurance.
Feel free to contact me if you need more explicit details.


Thank you! Is your property located in So Cal?


Sorry, should have said. My property is in Florida, but those guys write policies nationwide.

Florida properties have big problems finding insurance due to hurricanes, of course; but also we have pool enclosures, which no one wants to insure; sink holes and frequent tornadoes.


I am hoping to get Proper to insure me as an RV…

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