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Storing Luggage?


Some guests want to store their bags for 5 days.

This is for a 1 night booking n February (low profit).

Does anyone have a guideline for what to charge? Keeping it here is no problem; I have the room. But we’ll have to arrange for a pick-up time, and my family is on the go every night.



Just off the top of my head, why not $20 a day? I think most storage lockers are around $15 a day, but this is arguably safer and you are making things very convenient for these guests.


Good thought, Reeny. The reason they want to leave it here is so they don’t have to pay the airline fees. But they will then have to metro, bus, and walk here to pick it up, then do it in reverse to continue on their trip. I think I will be doing them a favor by setting the price high enough that they just take it with them.


It seems like a liability issue. What happens if the stuff happens to get stolen or a pipe bursts and everything gets wet? What if they’re leaving contraband?

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I think that’s a lot to ask after only spending one night. I would tell her you can’t accommodate that. I when I visited my boys in Asia last year, I asked the hotel if I could stash my bags for 5 days in Seoul while I went to Tokyo. I had already been a 7-day customer of the hotel and then had two more nights when I came back, so felt justified in asking if it was ok. But then again, they are a hotel, not someone’s house.

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Yes that’s a very good idea - I would do that as well and make sure you get the money up front first. Seems like a bit of a faff for them. I would have just left my luggage at left luggage!


She’s still “responsible” for the luggage…, not a good feeling. When a guest is done here, they are done. Sometimes they will ask to leave luggage, but in all cases, they want to leave it in the room while I clean. No, I tell them it’s not possible. For one thing what if they aren’t back before the next guest comes? What if I have to be the one to haul their 50 pound bags up the stairs. So I offer my carport. Tell them I will cover their bags but that I am not responsible for them. Also by this time they’ve realized how far from the airport they are. This usually dissaudes them. I’d never allow an outgoing guest who booked only one night to leave bags that long. Too much of an imposition!

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