Storage for Extra Sheets/Comforter?

What do you use to store an extra set of sheets and comforter for each bed room? The comforter when folded takes up a lot of space. I think a lot of my guests might not even change the comforter. Do any of you use a storage bag that compresses the comforter and seals it airtight? I do not have closets in a some bedrooms and think it might look like it takes up too much space if I put them in the room but do not use something to compress them. Please let me know if you are using anything similar to what I am looking for.

In my home I have a chest…My grandmother used to call them hope chests.

You can get them with a padded bench seat on top, so that they double as a place to sit or put luggage.

I don’t understand why the guests would change the comforter…

Under-bed storage bins might help.

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I also have a low chest at the end of the bed where I was keeping an extra comforter, new, in a sealed bag. One of my guests did open the bag and use it, and it was on a back to back booking which left me 1 1/2 hours to wash and dry a comforter. Why they did that I don’t know, the one on the bed was perfectly clean. I have since locked away anything I don’t want guests to use.

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A luggage rack with a bottom shelf like this seems like it would work:

Do you think some guests might think the sheets/comforter are less clean on the rack if not inside a container such as this?:

On a side note, I’ve never even used a luggage rack nor have noticed anyone who I’ve ever shared a hotel room with using one. Kind of wonder how many people actually use them. But either way, the extra sheets & comforter would look more organized than just being in a bin on the floor I think.

I do wonder if any guests will want a 2nd comforter. I am in Austin and there is the SXSW festival which is nine days. I expect most of my rentals to be around 3 nights, but I’m definitely not closed to the idea of going to somewhere like Costa Rica for 30 days if someone wanted to rent it out for that long(I would guess the demand for renting a 5br home for that length of time is pretty low, I guess I could see families that are moving to Austin doing this while they search for a home but can’t really think of any other reasons).

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I always use a luggage rack. Where else would I put my bag? And it sounds as though your guests can’t really unpack if there are no closets.

Why are you leaving extra sheets? Do you get that many long term guests or do you mostly have week long stays?

To be honest, it sounds as though you need some storage for both your AirBNB supplies and your own personal possessions. Is there any way to add a storage shed or lean-to type building to your home? Is there some basement storage that you can use? Or a bit of attic?

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I haven’t started renting yet. Putting the finishing touches on it.

As I mentioned there is SXSW in Austin, TX which is 9 days and more people than hotels can accommodate come for that. Not exactly sure what to expect as far as long-term renters outside of then.

I do have two closets with keyless door locks on them, and also an attic with a lock.

So, you are doing AirBNB for just that one festival? SXSW is a big event, no doubt. But Austin attracts young, millennial coders with great regularity. Then there is the food truck tourism, heavily promoted by the State of Texas in national advertising.

The question still remains, for a 9 day stay, why does the guest need access to a second comforter?

I am not renting for only SXSW. It’s possible I might rent for long periods of time. I myself wouldn’t need an extra comforter, but maybe some guests renting for long periods would expect it. I’m not sure because I haven’t started renting yet.

I give the guests the option of using the extra comforter if they need more warmth. It’s also a way of letting them know that I do switch out the comforters so that there is always a fresh one on the bed.

I always use a luggage rack, and most of my guests use the one I provide too, although they sometimes move it to a different part of the room. I personally don’t provide any extra sheets or comforters than what a reasonable person would need one set of sheets that is in each bed, a comforter or blanket on each bed and I have a couple of extra throw blankets in the closet. For longer stays I switch them out midstay if the guest wants, but had to be longer than a week.

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Rather than use comforters, we use duvets and duvet covers.
So we just change the duvet covers and sheets, pillow cases, in between guests rather than having to wash entire comforters in between guests!

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Something like this, although it might not be worth the expenditure if you’re not sure how much you will be renting out the space.

I’d be worried about people putting suitcases on the bed. Bedbugs are known to travel in suitcases. I’d also be worried they’d put them on tables or dressers, scuffing up the finish.

As a guest, putting suitcases on the floor could invite bugs as well and my old back isn’t very happy bending down to the floor.

We instruct guests to use the cheap Ikea Lack end tables for their luggage. It’s what we had on hand.

A luggage rack is a great thing unless you want the luggage placed on the bed. I store extra comforters, etc under the bed or on top of the closet in the bag. Some people are colder than others and do use them. What I do is make sure they have a duvet cover so if they use it all I have to do is change the duvet cover and not worry and washing it.