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Stompy Walker: Another Noise Complaint


Thank you! I can get my agreeable toddler to be quiet if I say, “shhh, the people are sleeping” and we make a game out of it. Unfortunately my husband just says, “I want to relax in my own home” which means make as much noise as he pleases.

I got my review from the guest who complain. THREE STARS!!! This is only my third three-star review out of 144 reviews (one was in retaliation for enforcing my extra guest fee). The guest said it was a nice place and a good value, but that it was noisy and unsuitable for guests over 6 foot due to the “low ceiling.” Both of these details are disclosed in the listing. My ceilings are 7 feet tall but there is one place where there is a low duct. Really, these cheapskates shouldn’t book basements if they hate basements.

Luckily I was able to leave an honest review that the guest was not pleased with her stay but waited to bring it up after the stay was concluded.

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