Still searching for backup housekeeper for small AirbnB, room & bath

I have a one room and bath with separate entrance. Our housekeeper of over 20 years has been cleaning the space for me for the past 5 years and I am so spoiled! Have had a few different people as backups, but they have drifted off or been unreliable. I don’t want a cleaning service (been there, done that). Is there anyone out there who knows of someone on the Westside who might be available? I do all the laundry. Really need someone for the end of this week (October 21 or 22). I’d do it myself but have developed some back issues (three granddaughters under two years old!).
Thank you!!

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On the Westside??

You might want to name the country, city, state.


The majority here will have no clue where 'west side ’ is in this international community why not post on your local host group and ask @E_S_MARK

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I have had this anxiety myself as well. I am so worried that one day my cleaning lady would suddenly quit. So I basically spoiled her. She charges me 3 hours cleaning fee but only works 2 hours. She parks her car by the meter so she always try to finish her job within two hours. But if she ever gets a parking ticket, she asks me to pay for her :melting_face: :melting_face:.

Why would you let a supplier treat you like this. It’s ridiculous. Find another cleaner/cleaning company and confirm that you are paying her for three hours so you expect her to work for three hours and that she is responsible for parking safely so she doesn’t get a ticket.

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I am worrying about the reliabilities of other cleaning ladies. This current one has 3 people, they can be each other’s backup. Does anyone have suggestions of good cleaning service in Downtown Boston area? Thank you!