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Still no payment from airbnb, 4 bookings and 5.5K later


After 4 back to back guests totalling 5.5K and first payment due Dec 24… All guests overly happy with their stay etc still not ONE payment form airbnb in my account… NOT happy :frowning: Did anyone else experience delays over X-MAS or have trouble with first payout etc?… I was told payment would be late and would be IN my account Jan 4… then I got an email today Jan 5 saying process had begin and it would take ANOTHER 5-7 days to appear in my account. Grrrgh


Normally, they release the money the day after each guest checks in. I think my first payment took a little longer but then they came pretty quickly.


I had a rare late payment from Irish visitors. I think it was 6 days after it was supposed to be sent to my account. I would be on the phone to Airbnb if such a huge amount was not sent on time. As it is, I will be putting in a request for an explanation.


I’ve been a host since 2013; per their contract they have previously sent my payout within 24 hours after the guest checks in…HOWEVER, Dec 31 2015 I had a guest check in…AirBnB did not pay me until about January 6th…
I had to top up my bank account to make my rent payment. I emailed everyone I could think of. I then called my AirBnB contact who had emailed me about host gatherings…she gave me the number of someone to call. I did that, and it was claimed that I was paid but my bank wasn’t "releasing the payment"for some reason. (I really don’t believe that now because my bank has NEVER done that before)
I had a guest check in last night ---- NO payment yet. I’m praying it doesn’t happen again, but it might.
No idea what is going on at AirBnB HQ, but they are in breach of their own agreement with these delays.


I’ve had real delays in payments as well - maybe its the time of year?


Here bank payments are not processed on holidays or during weekends. If I have someone checking in on Fridays, I will not recieve anything before Monday.
During holidays I will not be paid before the holidays are over.

Are you sure your bank account is confirmed?
Or are you recieving payments through PayPal? Using PayPal is a PIA. That takes forever.


Keep hounding them!! No idea why this happens sometimes. Knock wood, I have had no trouble in recent days at all. Payments have all been very timely.


I did have a problem with delayed payment, but then realized I’d not completely finished setting up my paypal account. It appeared I had - and I got messages like “your bank is now connected” but there were more steps to complete.

Airbnb service was very good and it got resolved.

Good Luck! Any updates?


also just to add, in the UK you can use Paypal and direct bank transfer for payment and I believe direct bank transfer is the most preferred option here.

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