Still looking for a lock

Hi, I have beening looking for a password controled lock for the front door, but still not sure what one to get
My requirements are
1.Remotely wifi controlled to lock or unlock from my phone, not the guests’, no effort for the guests
2. Weather proof, as it’s for the front door
3. No fees

What are you using? any recommendations?
Many thanks.

I’m not an expert on all digital lock brands, but I doubt that what you’re looking for exists.

There are plenty of reliable digital locks on the market. We use RemoteLock. Others use Schlage and other brands.

I don’t know what you mean by point 1. With a digital lock, each new guest should get a unique code (we use the last four of their cell phone). The code should have automatic start and stop dates and times, so that it opens the door only while the reservation is active. The guest can then operate the lock to come and go on his/her own schedule. And it’s best if the lock’s software interfaces directly with Airbnb as ours does. For that kind of interface, I assume that a subscription fee will always be required. Having that automatic connection makes managing the lock and the guest codes much easier.

Most of the digital locks I know of are controllable through wifi.

I’m not a tech guru, but my husband says this: If your lock doesn’t have a subscription to a lock service (as ours does through RemoteLock), then you would have to be able to access your own wifi remotely in order to control the lock yourself. What if your own wifi was down?

For point 2, I’m sure that all exterior digital locks are weatherproof.

And I’ve already talked about point 3.

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Are you remote hosting? If so, you need a backup plan for when power or your internet service goes down, as Murphy’s Law says it will.

I am now using Schlage programmable non-remote control locks because I rent 3 rooms upstairs. The front door lock and each guest’s room codes are set to the last 4 digits of the guest’s phone number.

Once I implement my home-brew smart home hub, I will be installing the Schlage programmable remote control locks but I won’t suggest that guests use the Schlage app (I had a recent bad experience trying to install an app and check in to an Air rental with an August lock recently, and I don’t recommend August). The Home Assistant/Raspberry Pi smart home hub will be behind my router’s firewall, and when I’m not home I’ll connect to it with a VPN (encrypted private network connection) with my phone or laptop.

I will use the app to lock and unlock the door when I have the phone in my pocket but I will not ask guests to download or use it. Making check-in easy is very important, so I will have guests enter the code with the lock buttons. I never send the lock code to guests until the room is ready.

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RemoteLock needs wi-fi!

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Right. Of course it does.

Thank you for your advice. Yes,remote, who is Murphy’s Law? I think you are in the US? My internet never went down, I don’t think need subcribtion service.