Steam Press cuts ironing time in half

I was tired of spending way too much time ironing or paying my housekeeper to spend hours ironing pillowcases, etc. when there is so much more to do. I decided to try a steam press and purchased a Singer product on Amazon for $199.00. I used it for the first time - WOW! cut my ironing time by at least half, probably more and does a much better job than ironing. And for those that use starch, you can use it with the steam press as well. You only have to press one side and both sides come out great for things like pillowcases.

This is the best purchase I have made in the 5 years of hosting and owning vacation rental properties. The only other one that comes close are the heated toilet seats that my guests rave about - who knew those would be so appreciated! Those heated toilet seats get me some great reviews - especially when you live in a very cold climate.

I don’t usually post due to lack of time between working full time and having a couple of properties, but I felt for those that iron, if you haven’t tried a steam press - it is simply wonderful and will pay itself back in no time.


You iron the pillow cases…I really have to up my game!


I never used to but they always had wrinkles and it bugged me. When I ironed them w/starch, now steam press, they look so much fresher when guests arrive. I also use pillow shams to spruce it up too and since those are out for everyone to see I definitely needed to get the wrinkles out of those.

Yes you do :smile:

wrinkly pillow cases indeedy


I bought no iron percale sheets, duvet cover, shams. Done!
And my husband likes to iron but it became tedious.


I’m off to google percale.
And if time, Kelly Brook

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Wow. I don’t iron ANYTHING.

If I can’t train the cat to do it - it’s not happening.


Yeah at my price point with one nighters I’m not ironing either but it was nice of stagestop to pop in.

Now if I could find cooled toilet seats…


I have been using mine for 10+ years.
Can not imagine regular ironing

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Can not imagine ironing – we buy the no-iron sheet sets


As a pillowcase and top edge of sheet ironer, i will check this out!!

Never steam cleaned my pillows before (normally just use non-whites) so they don’t get stained easily. Love the idea of having flattened pillow covers and maybe sheets! Lux! Thanks for the idea.

press%20iron Is this the kind you mean?
I got one and I say exactly the same thing – it’s cut my ironing time by at least half. I made the mistake of buying 100% cotton sheets - those fitted ones are a pain. I tried getting a big flat sheet and just tucking in but didn’t like it. I tested two non-iron/little iron fitted sheets and I REALLY like the 60/40 one - no ironing at all. The duvet covers are already no iron. Got some more no iron ones today and they are in the wash - fingers crossed!

Yes that is exactly the one I purchased and love it. I don’t press the fitted sheet just the top third of the flat sheet that folds over the blanket and/or duvet. I always press and starch the pillowcases and shams. I do cheat on the pillowcases/shams in that I only press one side - let’s face it once they put their head on the pillow the wrinkles come back, so guests never know. I like the quality and crispness of 100% real cotton sheets as do my guests but have a hard time finding them at a reasonable price, my next best option is percale, which don’t wrinkle as much. Cotton is also much cooler than the microfiber sheets, which personally I don’t care for. To get the wrinkles out of the fitted sheets I make a spritz using very cheap vodka with essential oils for a nice fragrance and spritz the fitted sheet while on the bed and that helps smooth out the wrinkles. During the cooler weather months I put heated mattress pads on all beds and turning them on speeds out the dewrinkling process of the fitted sheet aided by the vodka spritz.

Would not very cheap vodka that is no longer alcoholic work? :wink: Good tips

LOL not sure. The purpose of the vodka is that it works better than water to hold the fragrances of the essential oils. They say you can use witch hazel but that has an odor all it’s own that I don’t think I would like on my sheets. I just say cheap because who wants to waste expensive Grey Goose or something on sheets but I suppose all vodka works well.

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I also use the spritz with plain water and smooth out with my hands. Pull tight on all sides it looks good enough for <50 a night. I try not to use any fragrances so I don’t need alcohol.