Stay at home order closing STRs - tourists go home

Myrtle Beach SC issued a modified stay at home order closing all short term rentals (hotels, VRBO, Airbnb, etc.) effective 4/1 to 5/1. All guests must leave on or before 4/1.

If the rental started 3/1 or earlier they are considered long term and can stay but cannot house new area visitors (I don’t know how that can be enforced but that’s for another thread).

Amusements and most parks are closed. Interestingly, golf courses will stay open.

North Myrtle Beach (neighboring different township) implemented a similar order.

The exceptions were rentals to medical and military assisting with Covid19 response and/or rentals >29 nights.

  1. Did your stay at home orders evict tourists?

  2. How are you leaving your rental available for May, June, July bookings as usual but accommodating any current short term restrictions?

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Good news!

Can’t custom rule sets do this? And/or turn off instant book so anyone booking has to discuss first.

Also, I think May is too soon. Bill Gates is saying we need 6-10 weeks of severe lockdown. It’s been almost a week since he said that. Each week we delay now is adding at the end. So instead of this being over in May it’s going to be June or July. If we don’t lock down soon it might be Aug or Sept. Hopefully by fall the warm weather, increased supplies and isolation will have us back to normal-ish.

And no one knows better than you the problem isn’t going to be lack of supplies, it’s going to be lack of health care professionals. No govt mandate can magically produce the personnel needed. GM can’t be ordered to produce 10,000 nurses by May.


Did I read or hear that the infection rate among first responders and health care professionals is 15%?

Partially yes. But the local ordinance is quirky.
Starting 4/1-5/1:
Rentals >3 nights to Covid19 support temporary staff.
Rentals>29 nights to everyone else.

I changed my rental description 1st sentence to be “4/1-5/1 Rentals to Covid19 Medical & Military support staff only”.

I have a 3 night minimum. I’m hoping guests “self weed” and don’t make inappropriate reservation requests.

I don’t know if this is the best way

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Florida just doing a 2 week shut down at this point

I’ve got a rule set in place, higher prices and changed my description and title. I had 2 bookings late last week for last Sat and Mon. but both canceled. Since then no bookings or enquiries. According to Airbnb I’m still getting views so either the Airbnb program just makes numbers up or people are selecting someone cheaper and less picky to stay with. Also views have plummeted (average of 40-50 a day in early March) but it’s comparable to what I used to get years ago when there was less competition.


My area is a spring break destination too. It bothers me that the shut downs are occurring AFTER spring break.

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I have blocked my listing out until June. I can’t accept key worker guests because of my health condition and in the UK anyway you can’t offer key worker accommodation in a shared home situation.

We are four weeks plus away from the virus peaking in the UK and US (don’t know about other countries) and who knows what that will look like depending on what policies our governments implement in terms of numbers affected and whether our health services and economies will collapse


What I found out today blows my mind… I received a request from a young woman wanting to travel 2.5 hours into Denver while a “Stay At Home” Order from our Gov. Non essential activity restricted has been in place for a week or more. She wanted to come to celebrate her birthday and get away from her two children for a while. When I ask relevant questions she did not respond to all and I told her she needs to cancel because of the order from the Governor non essential travel. She refused and stated she will be arriving today. I called Airbnb and all was canceled with some resistance but the worst is Airbnb stated they will be contacting the guest and assist her with another reservation somewhere else in Denver. STAY AT HOME!!
Now Airbnb is not adhering to the strict order from our Governor!
This has got to stop!!! It is now a matter of life and death for some now for anyone.
I hold space in my Airbnb for travelers trying to get home, workers now leaving the state going home after shut down, etc. Not for Fun Not Now!!!
We are all need to responsible just stay at home.
This will pass and we can work on standing back up but don’t put anything before human life and safety.
Pleasing guests -not worth the risk
Making money- not worth not even one life
Fear of the unknown- it will be ok
We can do this Stay safe and think of yourself and all you effect around you.
We are all stronger than this.


It’s probably pointless but I would try to report it to the Governor’s office. Maybe if enough hosts do the state Govt will warn Airbnb in some way. Here in my city we are supposed to call 311 to report violations. So if I lived next to an Airbnb and I saw a car roll up and someone get out with suitcases I’d be tempted to call 311 and let them see if they wanted to determine if there was a violation.

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I don’t think it is pointless, we need to do what is within our power or nothing will happen.
I did report to the Health dept, Gov. office and Channel 9. I was advised to report the guest to the Colorado Health Department, name and number.


In my state, we are now requested to call the State Police! The National Guard is going to go door to door looking for people from out of state and specifically NY that are ignoring the stay at home orders to come and escape to our nearby communities. Our governor has State Police stopping cars at the border and National Guard at the train station and bus station. She is really serious.


I can tell you now that tourists are one of the biggest problems when trying to contain CV19. By tourists, I’m including all those who travel from their normal place of residence, to another district/region/area, without any good reason.

One of the major problems we have had in Spain is that Madrid wasn’t locked down quick enough. Folks left Madrid heading to second homes etc and carried the disease with them.

We now have the Guardia Civil blocking all major highways, and in the rural areas, local mayors are organising road blocks using tons or earth and sand. Some scenes are really reminiscent of The Walking Dead.



Well, you know how Texas is. Though I’m not particularly proud of my state I’m happy to be 4-5 hours away from every other big city.

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Yes I do. But I also know it hasn’t always been like that - y’all just hopefully going through an awkward and admittedly prolonged phase right now.

Our Governor reminds me of a very petite Italian Ann Richards :wink:

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From what I’ve read about your governor, he is a bit of a - no, I can’t use the “C” word here, or can I?


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I think you are referring to @KKC’s governor…he is a :poop:head. My governor is a she and she is awesome. Our state was rated #1 for the response to Covid.

(I’m originally a Texan, but not currently so may have confused you)

Yes, you did. but at times I’m easily confused. It’s either an age thing, or an Oloroso thing, or a combination of both :wine_glass:



Riverside Cty California:

“In response to the technician’s death, Kaiser ordered that all short-term lodging, including short-term home rentals, hotels and motels limit their businesses to COVID-19 response only.

Limited activities that are allowed under that order include providing housing for the homeless population and essential workers, county officials said. Other scenarios acceptable under the order involve people who leave home to safely isolate themselves from family members — or people who become displaced because family members are self-isolating at home.

Under this order, owners, tenants or marketing agents are not permitted to rent or lease any short-term rental, vacation rental or timeshare lodging, county officials said.”

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That article was behind a paywall for me. I have a paywall pirate strategy so I used that, but fyi.

I’d like to say that some of the folks with “no underlying health issues” are really just “no known” health issues. They aren’t doing complete autopsies and folks could have health issues (like the ESPN reporter who died recently (not covid related) who had cancer and didn’t know it ) Or someone quarantining might OD on something.